Youth Rebellion

We’re all young once and in one way or another we rebel as we find our own identities. How much we rebel varies greatly. For me, it’s a while ago but I still remember how I rebelled against my parents and to some degree other figures of authority. I did stupid things, yes, but I kept my rebellion to fairly safe things that wouldn’t get me into trouble with anyone other than my parents who again were pretty forgiving. Phew.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” 
-Ayn Rand

Creator credits
My youth rebellion photos are sponsored by Mangula (Flickr) (Facebook)
Jacket: John Set Jacket for Jake by Mangula (available as subscriber gift at MS)
Pants: John Set Pants for Jake by Mangula (available as subscriber gift at MS)
Shoes: Hugo Boots by .etiquette.
Hair: Ash Hair (left) by Modulus
Ears: Punky Ear by ^^Swallow^^
Bracelet and ring: Holiday gifts from ^^Swallow^^
Both poses by WRONG

“My parents were pretty liberal, but they were still parents. I definitely had my teenage rebellion.” 
-Lauren Oliver

My avatar
Body: Belleza Jake 2.0
Head: Catwa Daniel
Skin (body): Session – Belleza Male Body Skin – T02
Skin (face): Session – Davin – T02
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Aisling Eyes Azure
Eyebrows: Volkstone – Messy Brows
Eyelashes: MICHAN – Bradley Lashes

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