Get Lucky – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

Like the legend of the phoenix
All ends with beginnings
What keeps the planet spinning
The force of love beginning

Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Do you feel lucky, Swiffer?

I don’t believe in luck, but I feel lucky does that make sense? Maybe blessed is a more fitting word even though it basically means the same thing. I’m feeling blessed in so many ways these days I’m not going to list them all here; you know who you are and you know the reasons why 😘

I am going to mention this one other thing though; when you love fashion or to decorate (or both) and take photos in Second Life, finding a sponsor that you really like is kind of a blessing. Not the (real) life altering one that I was thinking about initially, but kind of a big deal in the virtual world. It makes you love what you do even more!

Now, I feel like I’m still just getting started; with blogging, decor, photography, the works, but I’ve been blessed with meeting people who have shown me the ins and outs in record time and sponsors who are willing to take a chance on a newbie – I love my sponsors for that reason alone but also, they make some pretty great stuff! FKD is one of them and I’m wearing all FKD in this photo. I also want to give the Home & Garden Expo a shout out for choosing me as one of their bloggers. I’ve promised them I’d decorate the most awesome man cave ever if they chose me, so I can’t wait to see what the expo has to offer in that regard! Follow my blog to stay updated!

Creator Credits:

  • I’m wearing:
    • Shirt: FKD – ROMAN – JAKE
    • Pants: FKD – BERT – MARCH GG – BELLEZA
    • Hair: Vango. Zack (2Tone)
  • The scene:
    • uK – Posh Living Settee Lemon GA
    • uK – Posh Living Sideboard Table
    • uK – Posh Living Area Rug
    • uK – Posh Living Snake Plant Lg
    • uK – Posh Living Lamp Dark
    • uK – Posh Living Deco Bowl
    • uK – Posh Living End Table
    • uK – Dude Art Floor Set
    • uK – Dude Art Wall Set
    • Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 1 and 2
    • AL – Wonga Woman
    • [Stank] NES Console
    • [Stank] NES Controller #1
    • Bang! Figures – Galaxy Wars #24 – Clumsy Alien (Figure)
    • 220ML – Amstrong Beer – Open Bottle
    • 220ML – Amstrong Beer – Empty Bottle
    • GOOSE – Caged hanging lamp
    • GOOSE – Caged table lamp
    • [sau] Tooldog[1] [naked]

My Avatar:

  • Body: Belleza Jake
  • Head: Catwa Daniel
  • Skin (body): Session – Belleza Male Body Skin – T02
  • Skin (face): Session – Davin – T02
  • Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Aisling Eyes Azure
  • Ears: L’Etre Basic Mesh Ears
  • Eyebrows: Volkstone – Messy Brows
  • Eyelashes: MICHAN – Bradley Lashes

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