Moving In – Home and Garden Design 2019

.:Tm:.Creation’s ‘Surround Me’ Tent and ‘Take Your Time’ Ottoman.

Moving house often calls for creative solutions before everything is in place and you get settled in for real. We arrived before the movers could bring the bed so we made a tent fort, ordered pizza and opened a bottle of wine to celebrate our first night in our new home. The furbabies had a lot of fun too, with all the available space and our first evening and night became one of those memories that make you smile as you think back.

Let’s have some pizza and wine and cuddle close.

Our tent fort, is the Surround Me Tent by .:Tm:.Creation; a tent with blanket, pillows, rope, flower petals, puppies and a cat. It is available now exclusively and at a 10% discount for the Tres Chic event until May 10th. The Take Your Time Ottoman; ottoman with pillows, blanket, hat and a cat, is available exclusively and at a 50% discount at The Chapter Four event which closes April 30th so hurry up and get it at this special price while you can!

Both items come packed with single and couples animations; PG or Adult versions.

Read ♥ Mahogany’s point of view in her Moving Madness blog post!

Creator Credits:

Visit .:Tm:.Creation

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