The World Is Yours

Where do you want to go today, Boofer? 🙂 (Click image for HQ version)

Let’s Rally to Rescue

I’m the ‘pappa’ to two wirehaired dachshund girls in real life and I’m not even a tiny bit ashamed to say I spoil them and that they own my behind. Sadly, not all dogs (or cats) are so fortunate, to have a safe and loving forever home. The Ghost Bullys MC is a Second Life motorcycle club dedicated to animal rescue and they are hosting the Rally to Rescue events where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to real world no-kill animal shelters. I’m so very proud to be blogging to help the GBMC save poor puppers in need of rescue and today I’m featuring this awesome biker set from Shutter Thugs; a motorcycle with sidecar prop including static poses (Male and Female versions) and a biker dog. The set is available at the Rally to Rescue event starting June 1st at 6 pm SLT! More info and slurls below.

‘Good boy’ pose included in the Rally2Rescue Event Bike

Creator Credits

About Rally to Rescue

For the past 5 years, the Ghost Bullys MC has been working to raise awareness and support for animals in need… What started out as a fundraiser for the MC’s namesake dogs – the Pitbulls – efforts have since become about dogs of all shapes and sizes that are in need of rescue!

100% of the funds raised by the Rally to Rescue Events will be donated to Animal Shelters!

Echoes of Voices – Accessorize Me 2019

Echoes of voices in the high towers
All empires arrested
All symbols embarrassed
All castles unbuilt
All hearts unbroken

Robert Montgomery

Exclusively for the Men Only Monthly event is the amazingly detailed Kronos Male TaTToo by [CAROL G]. It comes in two versions; black or colour and in the box are appliers for Belleza, Signature, Slink as well as the Omega applier. Find your taxi to the MoM event in the credits below, this round lasts until June 15!

Creator Credits:

  • Kronos Male TaTToo [CAROL G] @ Men Only Monthly
  • BONDI . The Weather Man Hat
  • RKKN. Blade’s Pants
  • K_gs Tahua Glasses
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • [ kunst ] – Pocket Watch / Silver
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring
  • [Deadwool] Peak XV chrono – vintage
  • .10 [ kunst ] – Cigarette #2 (hand)
  • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair
  • MULLOY – Echoes of Voices Sign
  • BackBone Military Side Table
  • GOOSE – Caged hanging lamp
  • [ kunst ] – Ashtray #3 / black – silver
  • WeArH0uSE [loft]
  • Pose by Clix

Midnight Madness – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

The FKD Drew Unicorn onesie.

Guys, this is the onesie you’ve been looking for! People wanted more unicorns and FKD complied! Also, it’s on sale this whole weekend at the FKD mainstore. There are 5 different Unicorn Onesies for sale at 50% or you can buy a fatpack also at 50% off.

Check out Mahogany’s blog post too!

  • Sander is wearing:
    • [FKD] – DREW – JAKE – UNICORN @ Mainstore
    • [CAROL G] Invictus – Male Tattoo @ Mainstore
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • Modulus – Miles Hair
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair V6 – Catwa/Omega Applier
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • Vanilla Bae Sally Onesie Unicorn Pack
    • Wasabi Pills Sylke Hair
  • Scene:
    • .:Tm:.Creation [Love is Life] Floor Sofa (plant included in the set)
    • Persefona Floating Pillow Feathers (pink&blue)
  • Pose: FOXCITY Midnight Madness (pillows included)

Invictus – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

Featuring the Invictus Tattoo by Carol G and the Bert sweatpants by FKD; both available at their respective mainstores! FKD Bert had a complete makeover and now is 13 single color options. Each Single has a hud with 13 waist band options. A fat pack is available for 1299L with a 2 page hud and 169 colour combinations.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • FKD – BERT – BELLEZA @ Mainstore
    • [CAROL G] Invictus – Male Tattoo @ Mainstore
    • .etiquette. Will’s Trainers FatPack/Jake
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • Modulus – Christian Hair and Bandana
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair V6 – Catwa/Omega Applier
  • Scene:
    • WRONG – Power Workout – BLUE&STEEL
    • Silence. – Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.
    • Silence. – Fit & Fierce Yoga Towels
    • DaD “Riverstone House” c/m V.1.1
  • Pose by WRONG included in the Power Workout bench.

My Perfume, it’s You – Strike a Pose 2019

“Where should one use perfume?”, a young woman asked.
“Wherever one wants to be kissed.”

Coco Chanel
‘My Perfume It’s You’ Couple pose close and intimate shot..

You can find this wonderful couple pose in the ‘My Perfume It’s You’ fatpack by Jess Poses/Poses Addict, which is available at the Jess Poses mainstore and the Poses Addict marketplace. The perfume bottle is included.

Check out Mahogany’s photos of this pose and some of the other poses in the ‘My Perfume It’s You’ fatpack, here.

Creator Credits:

  • Jess Poses My Perfume Its You by Poses Addict – 05 Couple @ Mainstore / Marketplace
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [Deadwool] Lorenzo shirt – Jake – crimson
    • [Deadwool] Tweed trousers – Jake – regular – Antracite
    • [Deadwool] Oxford shoes – Jake – all colors
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L
    • MINIMAL – Ornament Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L
    • Modulus – Joe Hair
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair and Beard
  • Mahogany is Wearing:
    • Hair: Farryn by Truth
    • Lingerie: Shakira Set by Zephyr
    • Rings: Lovers Ring -Gold by Minimal
  • Scene:
    • Dutchie industrial double wash table
    • Dutchie bathrobe white
    • !! Follow US !! Ground towel
    • [Generation X] Glam Gift Basket
    • TA Perfume Bottles
    • [Rezz Room] Hair Cream
    • [Rezz Room] Can of Wax
    • DaD “Riverstone House”

Chill – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

I just want to know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Musiq – Just Friends
[FKD] CARL – ZODIAC Shirt (Capricorn), [FKD] RICKY Jeans.

The Carl Zodiac T-Shirt is a FKD Mainstore new release. It’s a loose fitted tee which comes in 10 different colours and each with 12 emblems, signs of the Zodiac, to choose from. I’m a Capricorn by the way, the most chill and down-to-earth sign in the Zodiac! You can find a full list of credits at the bottom of this page.

In the kitchen cupboard, there may be only one plate, one bowl, and one cup – because it seemed impractical to buy more “for no reason.” – Capricorn Man
CARL – ZODIAC HUD. As always when there are more texture options, there are more pages. Click the arrows to swap between pages.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [FKD] CARL – ZODIAC **NEW** @ Mainstore
    • [FKD] – RICKY @ Mainstore
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Gold- R and L
    • Modulus – Joe Hair
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair and Beard
  • Scene:
    • Contrast – White Gentleman Chair
    • Contrast – Gentleman Table
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Bottle
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Glass
    • Apple Fall ‘Soul’ Lighted Sign
  • Pose is one of the male sits found in the chair.

Norðvegr – Heim

From Old Norse Norvegr (“north way”), Norðvegr, from norðr (“north”) + vegr (“way”), contrasted with suðrvegr (“south way”), i.e. Germany, and austrvegr (“east way”), the Baltic lands.

Heim is the German, Norwegian, Icelandic and Faroese equivalent of the English word home. It is a common German and Norwegian suffix in place names such as Mannheim and Trondheim.

Gratulerer med dagen!

It’s May 17th and today is Norway’s Constitution Day, a national holiday, and we celebrate it big time. The day is of such importance, its celebration is not limited to Norway only. You can find a May 17th Festival in Seattle, Washington and a parade in Brooklyn, New York, for instance and in several Australian cities! The celebration is non-military; it’s all about the people, children, togetherness, peace and freedom. We do parades, good food as well as eating as much cake, ice cream and hot dogs as we possibly can and you can see lots and lots of traditional costumes.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [NC] – Conquer Pants Black – Belleza
    • [The Forge] Viking Bracer Left and Right, (WornBronze/Gold) Rare
    • JadeDragon Designs Thor Hammer Necklace
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L and R
    • MINIMAL – Ornament Ring [JAKE] -Gold- L
    • MIRROR – Ragnar Hair -UnRigged-
    • [MF] Daniel Bento Viking Stache & Beard – Night
    • .: Vegas :. Tattoo Halls of Valhalla 91
    • f u o e y . Lucas Eyebrows
    • [V] Norseman Axe- Sheath
    • *pm* Wildflower Garlands: Snow & Creme
    • ASO! Mimosa 6
    • Kokoro Poses – Flower Holding 01
  • Scene:
    • Skye Tropical Beach
    • ~Skadi~ Viking Boat
    • H&S MetalWorks ltd. Viking sword III
    • [V] Norseman Shield
  • Pose by me

For Infinity – Accessorize Me 2019

I am incapable of conceiving infinity, and yet I do not accept finity. I want this adventure that is the context of my life to go on without end.

Simone de Beauvoir
‘For Infinity’ Ring by Deliciae, Rounded Rectangular Glasses by Milo’s Bazar.

The For Infinity ring by Deliciae is available at this round of Swank. It features 8 metals and 11 stone textures. Additionally, the stone is tintable to further customize. The box includes both an unfitted ring as well as fitted for Gianni. I’m using the Jake body, so I’m wearing the unfitted ring. Just a little bit of adjusting needed for it to fit perfectly.

Milo’s Bazar just made their newest glasses, the Rounded Rectangular Glasses, available on their marketplace. Touch the glasses and you find a multitude of options; in addition to size and position adjustment you can choose frame colour, glass colour, glass opacity, and glass FX. Among the effects is the Rain effect, you know, because glasses get wet when it rains! It looks awesome, by the way.

Creator Credits:

  • Deliciae – For Infinity Ring – Unfitted **NEW** @ Swank
  • Deliciae – Simple Things Necklace @ Mainstore / Marketplace
  • Milo’s Bazar Rounded Rectangular Glasses **NEW** @ Marketplace
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- R
  • [Deadwool] Lorenzo shirt – Jake – black
  • Volkstone Gentleman Facial Hair [4 Colors] -Catwa&Omega Applier
  • Volkstone Messy Brows [3 Styles] – Catwa/Omega Applier
  • L’Etre – Basic mesh ears 2018
  • Pose by WRONG

The End of the Day – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019


Edit: The Good Vibes Hunt has now ended, but do make sure you visit the new FKD mainstore and check out their other products and group gifts!

This is the last day of The Good Vibes Hunt! If you haven’t got all 10 FKD items yet don’t give up, you have until midnight SLT to find all 10 items! Special designs and meshes fitted for Jake, Gianni and Slink, all made for the hunt and only 25L each! You can see the FKD Hunt Key here and here’s your taxi to the Good Vibes Hunt. Join the hunt and search for stars on The Good Vibes sim!

Creator Credits:

  • [FKD] SHANE BELLEZA BOXER – BLACK @ The Good Vibes Hunt
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- R
  • Stealthic – Rebellion (Unrigged)
  • Volkstone Messy Brows [3 Styles] – Catwa/Omega Applier
  • [ kunst ] – Cigarette #2 (hand)
  • [ kunst ] – Smoker Armchair
  • Pose by me

Good Vibes Only – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

If you haven’t got all 10 FKD items at the Good Vibes Hunt yet don’t give up, you have 2 days left to find all 10 items! Special designs and meshes fitted for Jake, Gianni and Slink, all made for the hunt and only 25L each! You can see the FKD Hunt Key here and here’s your taxi to the Good Vibes Hunt. Join the hunt and search for stars on The Good Vibes sim!

Board shorts by FKD, Beach Piling Poles by HJM Designs, Surf Running pose by
Vetrovian Poses.

In this post I’m also featuring the Beach Piling Poles by HJM Designs; with ambient sound and a scripted oil lantern – Perfect for any beach or coastal setting. This item is available at the HJM Mainstore and Marketplace. As always you can find all credits and sponsor links at the bottom of the page!

FKD Wilson board shorts front. Surfs Up pose by
PRESTIGE. (Click image for HQ version)

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [FKD] WILSON – BELLEZA – HAWAIIAN @ The Good Vibes Hunt
    • Deliciae – Beachcomber Necklace *Soon* @ Mainstore
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • [Deadwool] Slicked back hair
    • Vetrovian Poses Surfboard Black 2
  • Scene:
    • HJM Designs -Beach Piling Poles @ Mainstore / Marketplace
    • Never Totally Dead -The Ole Captain ‘s booth
    • Headhunter’s Island -Decor – old surfboard rack
    • Skye Triple Palm
    • Skye Tropical Beach
  • Poses:
    • Vetrovian Poses – Surf Running
    • PRESTIGE – Surf Up (modified by me)