Chill – Men’s Fashion Lookbook 2019

I just want to know your name
And maybe some time
We can hook up, hang out, just chill

Musiq – Just Friends
[FKD] CARL – ZODIAC Shirt (Capricorn), [FKD] RICKY Jeans.

The Carl Zodiac T-Shirt is a FKD Mainstore new release. It’s a loose fitted tee which comes in 10 different colours and each with 12 emblems, signs of the Zodiac, to choose from. I’m a Capricorn by the way, the most chill and down-to-earth sign in the Zodiac! You can find a full list of credits at the bottom of this page.

In the kitchen cupboard, there may be only one plate, one bowl, and one cup – because it seemed impractical to buy more “for no reason.” – Capricorn Man
CARL – ZODIAC HUD. As always when there are more texture options, there are more pages. Click the arrows to swap between pages.

Creator Credits:

  • Wearing:
    • [FKD] CARL – ZODIAC **NEW** @ Mainstore
    • [FKD] – RICKY @ Mainstore
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Gold- R and L
    • Modulus – Joe Hair
    • Volkstone Dean Facial Hair and Beard
  • Scene:
    • Contrast – White Gentleman Chair
    • Contrast – Gentleman Table
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Bottle
    • KraftWork Private Rail Car Bourbon Glass
    • Apple Fall ‘Soul’ Lighted Sign
  • Pose is one of the male sits found in the chair.

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