Beautiful Day

The capacity for love that makes dogs such rewarding companions has a flip-side:
They find it difficult to cope without us. Since we humans programmed this vulnerability, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our dogs do not suffer as a result.

John Bradshaw
A fun hangout spot for the furbabies by day..

Raindale has donated this beautiful hoop swing in pastels to Rally To Rescue’s Cause For Paws! With a built in texture changer you can change the colours of everything; the wood, metal, flowers and even the rope! The rope is two-pieced so you can edit linked the rope to stretch it so it fits the height you need. Good stuff! Now head on over to Rally To Rescue, because this exclusive version of the swing won’t ever be on sale again when the event is over! And come on, participating designers are donating 100% of their earnings from the event to this cause. Help them help the animals! The event is open until June 20th.

Creator Credits:

  • Raindale – Rosenfax hoop swing – pastel edition *NEW* @ Rally To Rescue
  • Shutter Thugs – Rally2Rescue Event Bass, Rally2Rescue Event Labby and Rally2Rescue Event Wii @ Rally To Rescue
  • Never Totally Dead… Le Moulin du Hameau @ Cosmopolitan
  • JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 10. Wanderer Tan Black
  • JIAN Kitten Collection
  • Skye Twisted Tree
  • ReKa. Lovers Bench
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [Deadwool] Lorenzo shirt
    • [Deadwool] Broberry jeans
    • Stealthic – Rebellion hair
    • [Deadwool] Peak XV chrono – vintage
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • OPIA – Afrodita Ochre dress & headband @ Rally To Rescue
    • KC – Shelby shoes
    • Maxi Gossamer – Barcelona Boho necklace & earrings
    • RealEvil – Carina bracelets & rings
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring
    • Truth – Margarita hair
  • Pose: TZ Poses – Attirance @ All Things Events – Old Hollywood
A romantic place for these two bipeds in the evening. Pose by TZ Poses.

Check out Mahogany’s wonderful version here.

About Rally To Rescue

For the past 5 years, the Ghost Bullys MC has been working to raise awareness and support for animals in need… What started out as a fundraiser for the MC’s namesake dogs – the Pitbulls – efforts have since become about dogs of all shapes and sizes that are in need of rescue!

100% of the funds raised by the Rally to Rescue Events will be donated to no-kill Animal Shelters!

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