Space Pirates

Click image for HQ version or visit my Flickr!

We did a cyberpunk thing, just for fun, hope you like it! ♥

Creator Credits

  • Sander is wearing:
    • L’Emporio&PL ::*Perseo Space Suit*::-Complete- JakeV2.0Bento-
    • L’Emporio&PL ::*Perseo*::-Monocular-
    • L’Emporio&PL ::*Errant*:: Belleza Jake V2.0 Bento_Linked
    • Modulus – Nathan Hair
    • [MF] Daniel Bento GOT Tail Beard
    • duckie . face scar
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • Normandy – connector Body Suit
    • L’Emporio&PL ::*L33L00*:: -Meccanic Implants-
    • L’Emporio&PL ::*Visor*::-Earphone Microphone Visor-
    • Astrology – Amala Hair
  • Scene:
    • Blackheart Kustoms – Reaper
    • [ni.Ju] Duo Color Puddle
    • [Bad Unicorn] Brink Warehouse RARE (floor texture modified)

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