To Feel Loved

Fall in love with somebody who will never let you go to sleep wondering if you still matter.


Are you one of those people who say that you don’t want to say I love you “too often” because you think saying it will make the words lose importance somehow? Stop it, you’re being foolish. Notice how I didn’t call you a fool, I’m just calling that particular behaviour foolish. (Just here for the credits? Then scroll ⇊)

You Make Me Feel…

How do you think your relationship is going to last if you hold back, the words or even affection? Instead of making your partner feel loved, you hurt them and make them feel like they’re being needy or too much. Do you know what I think when people do that? I don’t think they really love, maybe they don’t even know what love is and I believe their partners deserve better. You can’t love someone too much if it’s a mutual love! The words don’t ever lose their meaning! In fact, the more you say them and the more you both give (yes, the effort has to be equal), the more it solidifies the foundation of your relationship. Now, I’ve been hurt in the past, who hasn’t? I still don’t know how to love any less than wholeheartedly. I don’t want any less either, so it’s all good I’m all in. Now go make your loved one feel like they’re the most important person in this world.


Creator Credits

  • 14 [ ARCBACK ] – Rocco *NEW* @ Mainstore
  • 8 [ ARCBACK ] – My Jeans @ Mainstore
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Silver- L and R
  • [Deadwool] Undercut hair
  • [IK] Street Style – Graffiti Wall
  • Nutmeg. Bike Red w/Static Anims
  • Poses: Nutmeg. Bike

The High Life

More Smart Casual than Casual; the #16 ARCBACK Casual set which is available now at The Men’s Department gives you a multitude of options for looking smart every day. Shirt tucked or not tucked, tie or no tie, suspenders or no suspenders. Got a date? Then tuck that shirt and put on a tie, trust me, you don’t have to wear a suit but dressing smart is a very, very good idea.

See Mahogany’s blog post and pictures from this photo shoot here!

Couple pose by Jess Poses.
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • Wasabi Pills Claire Hair
    • Milo’s Bazar Classic Glasses/Sunglasses
    • MINIMAL Lovers Ring Gold L and R
    • MIWAS Heart Ring
    • RealEvil Venus Bracelet
    • RealEvil Carina Bracelet and Rings
    • RealEvil LUX Celeste Earrings
    • Plastix Tall Mink Coat
    • Aurora Designs Malina Outfit
    • KC Shelby Heels
  • Hotel Scene:
    • FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Lux
    • floorplan. bellhop trolley / black&gold
    • -David Heather-Luggage/Rainbow
    • -David Heather-His Suitcase/Original
    • Pose: Jess Poses Vintage Couple @ Mainstore (comes with suitcases for both, we chose a different type for this shot)
  • Limo Scene:
    • FOXCITY. Photo Booth – ClubBLACK (With exterior)
    • Hypnose Bouteille Champagne
    • Hypnose Flute Champagne
    • Fancy Decor Phrase Lumbar Pillows
    • Poses: FOXCITY Posh Male and Female (modified)

Coffee Time

But first, coffee.

Today I’m featuring this wonderfully detailed Coffee Time gacha set by Never Totally Dead. Filled with everything you need for a quick coffee break in between a busy schedule; the three different drink machines hands you wearable, animated drinks. There’s also donuts and cookies if you want a bite to eat. The triporteur contains different standing animations and the stool contains seated animations. Play the Coffee Time gacha machine at the NTD mainstore! (Details and slurl below)

  • Never Totally Dead – Coffee Time Gacha Set @ Mainstore:
    • Triporteur-RARE
    • Coffee Time Stool
    • Expresso Machine (gives coffee)
    • Orange Juice machine (gives orange juice)
    • Chok Machine (gives hot chocolate)
    • Cookies tray
    • Decorative Orange line
    • Decorative coffee box
    • Coffee cups pile
    • Caramel Donut (add)
    • Choco Donut (add)
    • Lemon Donut (add)
    • Strawberry Donut (add)
  • Wearing:
    • Never Totally Dead Coffee Cup (with drink animation)
    • [Deadwool] Hart Suit
    • [Deadwool] Oxford Shoes
    • Modulus Don Hair
    • FLI. – Monero Ring Gold Index Right [Jake 2.0]
  • Pose: Included in the Never Totally Dead Coffe Time Triporteur