Magic Mysteries

CHEZ MOI‘s exclusive at Salem is the Magical Canopy Futon. Perfect for chilling or having a romantic time, this release is available in PG and Adult version and comes with 76 animations in PG version and 136 animations in Adult version and there are 32 single animations (16 female and 16 male). The animations contain several “wearable” props like coffee, teacup, book, phone and more. The Magical Canopy Futon is 100% ORIGINAL MESH and takes up no more than 15 LI.

  • Magical Canopy Futon CHEZ MOI @ Salem
  • DiMi’s – Kitten and Plant (gift)
  • :[P]:- Io Dining Set
  • :[P]:- Moonshe Planter
  • :[P]:- Pell Candleholder
  • :[P]:- Naani Candle Decor
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Rug
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Tea Cup
  • Nutmeg. Pile of Vintage books Group Gift
  • Nutmeg. Books & Keys
  • tarte. woodland room divider
  • NOMAD // Crescent Moon //
  • Never Totally Dead… A Walk in Provence -The Mas (farmhouse)

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