A Love-Love Relationship

Mainstore Visit: FKD Mens Fashion

Love-love. That’s the way a relationship is supposed to be, right? Most of them anyway. It applies to romantic relationships, friendships and should also apply to blogger/creator relationships. Yes, blogging is hard work when you put your heart into it, like so many of us do. It’s also a lot of fun, especially when you have a sponsor who truly appreciates the work you do. Who likes a boss who’s suspicious of you and never gives any feedback?

[FKD] Gabriel Button Shirt, Michael Tank and Raphael Shorts. Mix & Match!

FKD Mens Fashion was my first fashion sponsor. They were just starting out and so was I. We’ve, sort of, grown together these last eight months. My pictures have improved and are still improving and FKD Fashion is ready to take the next step; moving on from templates to original design. I am super excited on behalf of FKD and to still be a part of the team!

[FKD] Shawn Shirt – Graphic.

FKD loves their bloggers and show it, not only in Flickr comments and Blogotex, but also in their mainstore. Almost every ad in their mainstore has a blogger picture on them and it looks awesome. I wanted to give something back, a different kind of blog post, so I had some fun the other day when I visited the FKD mainstore and took pictures of “my” ads, while wearing the same clothes, so I could put them in this blog post.

The FKD brand is colourful and fun. Remember the Unicorn shirt? I love that shirt! Right now FKD is participating in the Spookzilla Hunt with some Halloween themed items, you can read more about that in this blog post, or head on over to the FKD mainstore to take a closer look!

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