Reach Higher

Apart from physical training and fitness goals I’ve never been good at setting goals, in life or career, but then I’ve almost always been happy and content with where I’ve been in life. Today I find myself wanting to be somewhere else, in more ways than one. I also find myself setting goals. Huh! I guess I just needed a good reason.

Treized Designs is at Men Only Monthly with the new ‘Horizon Pants’. Sports pants with a cool design and a multitude of texture customization options. The pants are fitted for Belleza, Legacy and Signature Gianni bodies.

I’m also showing the back of the Hori Male TaTToo by CAROL G, previously blogged in this blog post.

  • “TD” Horizon Pants @ MOM (until Feb 15)
  • Hori Male TaTToo [CAROL G] @ MOM (until Feb 15)
  • i.mesh – Royk hair
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring
  • {kokoia} Cheetah :: Man Sneakers ::
  • Skye Waterfall
  • Skye Cliffs
  • Skye Twisted Tree

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