Let’s Go, Papa!

Yes, yes, I call myself their ‘pappa’ (Norwegian for papa, dad). They are my furbabies after all. When I took the girls out for a walk this morning it looked so far from this picture as it possibly could. The rain was pouring down, on top of 5 inches of snow, on the frozen ground. It was water and slush everywhere and all three of us were soaking wet before all the um, business, was done and we could walk back home.

I’m looking forward to Spring and being able to wear low top sneakers again. Like these, the newest release from Lapointe & Bastchild! The Old School Low Tops feature suede toe and trim, canvas body, leather accent stripe in 40+ color combinations and BONUS grafitti and camo options. Change up the laces, choose antique or rubber sole – Mix and match to get just the right look. Optional sock on/off in 20 different colours. Fitted for Jake, Gianni, Geralt, and Slink Male bodies. Available right now at The Men’s Department!

  • L&B Swear Old School Low Tops @ TMD (until Feb 29)
  • L&B Swear Havoc Jeans *Cuffed*
  • JIAN Scruffy Sheperd * Companion

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