A Longing Never Quiet

I am summer
yearning for a drop
of your rain

Gemma Troy

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited to welcome TAOX TATTOO to my blog; a brilliant creator of tattoos in Second Life. The first time I saw a tattoo by TAOX was a little over a year ago and I immediately wanted to take a picture wearing it; which resulted in my ‘4 a. m.‘ picture that turned out to be my most faved picture on Flickr at the time.

This beautiful sleeve tattoo, Sleeves Never Fail, is available right now at Men Only Monthly. It is UNISEX and comes with black and colour version in three intensities. Appliers for Belleza, Adam, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink and Omega and of course you get your BoM layers too!

  • TAOX TATTOO – UNISEX – Sleeves Never Fail @ Men Only Monthly (until May 15)
  • //Ascend// Sam Reg Fit Ripped Jeans Belleza Jake
  • Dura-B100-HAIR
  • Location: Haven, Sunborne Estates (opening soon!)

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