Show Me Heaven

We’re flying above it all
Hold my hand, don’t let me fall
You’ve such amazing grace
I’ve never felt this way

Maria McKee – Show Me Heaven

Today I’m showcasing the updated E30 DTM Mark II from Automania Motorsports Company [amc]. It comes with so many beautiful paint jobs I had a hard time picking a favourite but for the dusky look of this picture I chose a solid green metallic finish with a black top.

As with the 24 Le Mans, which I blogged earlier, you get a whole lot of driver’s and engine tuning options. Parked single and couples animations (Mahogany and I are using one of the couples animations found in the Park menu). You can even activate a Pursuit mode where you and your friends can do a proper car chase! This vehicle is available in the [amc] mainstore and marketplace. Have fun driving!

  • [AM] e30 DTM Mark II 2.0

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