Meeting Point

At the MIIX Event Round 6 you can find the Waterfall Pavilion by MAke a MArk. This really is a gorgeous build; wood and concrete with a beautiful waterfall and amazing lighting. It uses 55LI out of the box and has a footprint of 29 x 29. Permissions are Copy / Modify.

If you find the greenery around the pavilion to your liking, I’m happy to let you know all the items are available at The Little Branch mainstore. Take a look at the list below!

  • M^2 * Waterfall shop @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • LB_CypressOak.v1{Animated}4Seasons
    • LB_CypressOak*Weed*Fall
  • LB_PinkFlowers3{Field}
  • LB_WildOakTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons
  • LB_OakShrubTree{Animated}*4Seasons
  • LB_Springweed_cluster
  • LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft

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