The October Sun

The sun’s path is very low now, even midday the sun is so low it hurts the eyes. I’m enjoying the nice weather we’re having though, after two very rainy months October has been all sunshine so far. The puppies love it and so do I.

  • [Cinoe] Graceful time set @ Kustom9 (through October 10)
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Table
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Chair
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – A set of eyeglasses
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Magazine Dispencer
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Cigarettes and lighters Dispencer
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Ashtray(Cigarettes) Dispencer
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Whiskey Bottle Dispencer
    • [Cinoe] Graceful time – Whiskey glass Dispencer
  • DaD “Succulent Pumpkin pots” @ Salem (through October 31)
  • GOOSE – Tree log bed
    • GOOSE – Tree log bed
    • GOOSE – Sticks lamp
  • Build: Scarlet Creative Trinity Cabin

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