Thankfully it’s Sunday, I slept in today and it was fantastic! Waking up after the first night of frost is always fun, you open the door and see the surprised look in the puppies faces and then they zoom around in pure joy. They love the frost for some reason, I have no idea why, snow is even better. It will be here soon enough.

I was lazing about this Sunday morning in the ZOOM set from GUILTY. Shorts and shirt available in a variety of patterns and colors. Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni and Aesthetic mesh bodies. The set is now available in the GUILTY mainstore.

  • From the KOPFKINO Leatherized Bedroom Set:
    • KOPFKINO “Leatherized” Bed
    • KOPFKINO “Leatherized” Breakfast Tray
    • KOPFKINO “Leatherized” Night Stand
    • KOPFKINO “Leatherized” Lamp
  • Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts
  • TA Rockstar Wallet Set
  • Pose found in KOPFKINO “Leatherized” Bed

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