The Beauty of Letting Go

We fight so hard to hold on to everything and we fight to let go. Fall is here and the trees are about to show us the beauty of letting go. It doesn’t have to be so painful.

I’m enjoying my lunch outside by the Positano water well by DaD. Wearing my best Hoorenbeek suit but removed the tie. A sense of freedom. My lunch and water is packed so neatly by Cinoe. I have delicious sandwiches, meat, tomatoes and an egg. As I eat I’m watching the falling leaves whirl through the air and they are beautiful.

  • [Cinoe] Mountain sunday @ ACCESS (through November 8)
    • [Cinoe] Mountain sunday – Lunch box
    • [Cinoe] Mountain sunday – Water bottle
  • DaD “Positano water well” @ FaMESHed (through October 27)
  • DaD “Positano Farmhouse”
  • LB_PottedBirch{Mesh}
  • LB_OakShrubTree{Animated}*4Seasons
  • [ keke ] fall oak leaves . whirling
  • Konoha Fluffy Natoma Grass

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