Sunlight and Warmth

I promise to always shower you with sunlight and warmth so you’ll remember what love feels like.


Sari-Sari is at Satan Inc. with three new releases; the Steps couples pose, Costumed Pumpkins and Witchy Ice Cream Cup and also a new item for the Satan Inc. Trick or Treat Mystery Box. The only thing not shown in this picture is the mystery box reward. As always with Sari-Sari poses, they are easy to set up and use, the pumpkins are just super adorable and so is the ice cream cup; there’s one for decor and a male and female wearable with Bento hold pose.

GOOSE Home & Garden is at the late October round of Cosmopolitan with the Terras Set. Rattan table and chair. Chair contains sit and drink animations. There’s also a terrace corner as part of the set that’s not shown in this picture. Check it out over at Cosmopolitan!

  • Build: Hisa – Hus Pa Landet

Sander is wearing:

  • L&B * Swear Remnant Ripped Jeans @ Man Cave (through November 11)
  • L&B * Swear Havoc Ops Boots (they’re not a perfect fit with the Remnant jeans, I just wanted to wear them in this picture. Always DEMO before buying!)
  • [MAGNIFICENT] STUBBLE MID – Grooming Series
  • not so bad . ELYO hoodie coat . camel
  • MINA Hair – Luca

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