Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

As we get very close to Halloween there are still a few things more I want to show you and here are a couple new releases from HJM Designs and a few old releases from DaD just because they are awesome.

And this is what happens when you think you’re good on time and don’t pay attention to event dates. The new releases from HJM Designs was for Scare Me Silly which ended October 23rd and I totally missed it, BUT… It’s still there, you can grab the spookiest scenes for your yard and 100% of the proceeds will go to Team Diabetes if you hurry! The items will be available in the HJM mainstore too.

  • DaD “Dead Halloween Tree”
  • DaD “Let’s Party skully Ben”
  • DaD “Let’s Party skully Benjamin”
  • DaD “Scary House”

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