Some Peace of Mind

What’s better than coffee and a chocolate muffin when your mind starts torturing you with all the things that can go wrong in your life? Better enjoy the treat at home though and just because you can, hop around the Second Life grid to find a cozy coffee shop where you can sit and enjoy some peace of mind.

I’m enjoying my coffee and muffin at the Cinoe Tokyo Cafe Weather. The Cinoe Goodnight Sleepless Cat Set is providing seating as well as additional coffee and bisquits. Food and drinks by Cinoe are not only decor but also dispenses wearables with Bento animations.

Lapointe & Bastchild is at the MAN CAVE Event with two new releases; the Swear Remnant Ripped Jeans and the SwearTECH EV085 Tee. Beautifully made, the jeans and the tee are compatible with Jake, Gianni, Geralt, and Slink Male bodies.
The Remnant Ripped Jeans are torn up, patched and well loved jeans. Knee patches may be turned on or off, patches can be switched out with different styles. Wrap Belt and Underwear are options and may be turned off.
The SwearTECH EV085 Tee is a muscle shirt with contrast banding around the neck and biceps and accented with triple stripes along the shoulders. Features the L&B SwearTECH robo logo and a few of the fatpack bonus even have the SwearTECH Demon!

  • L&B * SwearTECH EV085 Tee @ MAN CAVE (through November 11)
  • L&B * Swear Remnant Ripped Jeans @ MAN CAVE (through November 11)
  • [Cinoe] Tokyo cafe weather – Chocolate chip muffin M
  • i.mesh – Royk hair
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker

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