Please know your
immeasurable worth,
every breath you take
is exquisite.


Hey guys, Magnificent just put a new beard out at MAN CAVE which opens TODAY! The Boss Beard is unrigged and adjustable for all Mesh and Bento heads. Comes with 7 grooming presets, which you can find in the HUD.

I’m wearing the Rip Outfit which is a new NG Outfit at the Hoorenbeek mainstore. You get the trucker jacket, flannel plaid shirt, jeans, belt, boots, hat and glasses ready to wear! Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Signature Gianni & Geralt, Legacy, SLink Mesh bodies and Classic Avatars.

Posing like a pro for this picture using one of the latest male sit poses from Sari-Sari. Find them at Anthem!

  • [MAGNIFICENT] THE BOSS Beard – Grooming Series @ MAN CAVE (through December 11)
  • [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Rip
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Silver- L & R
  • TC Chew Straw-Grass Stick
  • Fundati Rocks and Boulders

Welcome To My Empire

Don’t play the victim to circumstances you created.


We’re a week into the first round of the ORSY Event and I have more good stuff to show you! Like the awesome scrawl style Metro backdrop by JEYS (which I tilted for this shot, the sand isn’t part of the build) and one of the male poses available in The Chair pose pack from Gravity Poses.

I’m wearing the Wasteland Men’s Outfit from Ahlure, which consists of shirt with mask, pants and goggles. The boots are the amazing looking Havoc Ops Boots from Lapointe & Bastchild.

The Malicious sleeve tattoo by TAOX TATTOO fits this style perfectly I think!

  • JEYS-END-SCRAWL METRO @ ORSY Event (through November 28)
    • JEYS-DRUM01 (included freebie)
    • JEYS-TRASH (included freebie)
  • Gravity Poses – The Chair 9 @ ORSY Event (through November 28)
    • 5 male sit poses
    • A chair is available in three different textures (not shown in this picture)
  • Sander is wearing:
    • TAOX TATTOO – UNISEX – Sleeves Malicious
    • Ahlure – Wasteland men’s outfit
    • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Havoc Ops Boots

In the Quietest of Moments

Destined to be Yours

It is in the quietest of moments,
the silent pause found
in twilight hue,
when the sun
slips behind the horizon,
lost to a single
purple pen stroke–
I find myself
thinking of you.

How your eyes
reflect the moon
in mine,
reminding me
of a love
greater than
the universe–
our destiny written
in the stars.

Michael Faudet
  • Kira TattOO ~ALEX
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver-
  • Pose by Amitie Poses
  • Architect. Bathroom Caribbean Phytowall

Is Like Pretty Chill

More goodies from round 7 of the MIIX Event and a most awesome beard from Magnificent!

  • ~ xantes ~ Pallete Bed Idunn Set @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • ..::THOR::.. Moder Pirates Book
  • ..::THOR::.. Cameron Tobacco Tin
  • ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [J U X B A U X] No Guidance HOMME @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • IMPACTS-Pants Jeans @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • [Cinnamon Cocaine] Caramel Shake – Left (add) @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • [MAGNIFICENT] DUCKY SKUNK – Stache & Beard
    • Dura-Game4-Hair
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- L & R

You Had Me At Hello

Something smart-casual from Nero with their newest release for ACCESS; the Lazaro Shirt & Vest. In the fatpack HUD you’ll find 8 different vest colors and 4 shirt colors to choose from and option to wear the shirt tucked or untucked, love it!

Magnificent Bento Beards are magnificent. I’m wearing the Daniel Bento Faded Hipster Stache & Beard. As the name indicates, It’s rigged for and I’m wearing it on the Catwa Daniel Head.

  • Dura-B100-HAIR
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker


The beautiful Etude Violin Chair is a new mainstore release by KOPFKINO. It’s available in Light, Medium and Dark Wood versions, with and without materials, and it’s only 60L for the first 24 hours so hurry on over!

  • KOPFKINO – Etude Violin Chair (Dark Wood, materials)

Let’s Get Toasted

I know you camp believe it but less is s’more! We’re enjoying the simple things in life with new releases for the happy camper from Sari-Sari and CHEZ MOI.

  • Sari-Sari – Campfire @ The Liaison Collaborative (through November 26)
    • Original mesh, textures, and bento animations.
    • Includes campfire (w/4 sits), forest tree stump (w/2 sits), and smores camping kit.
    • Also included is a ground cover/blend for the forest tree stump.
  • Lodge Camp Set * CHEZ MOI @ Shiny Shabby (through November 16)
    • Tent and Bed. Original mesh.
    • Available in PG and Adult versions.
    • Texture changer HUD for the bed.
  • Sander is wearing:
    • L&B * JAKEfit* SwearTECH EV085 Tee @ MAN CAVE (through November 11)
    • L&B * JAKEfit Reg* Swear Remnant Ripped Jeans @ MAN CAVE (through November 11)
    • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Old School Low Tops

Look a Little Closer…

Look a little closer
in those delicate eyes
her heart’s a wild
creature and her
soul’s on fire.

n.r. hart

The Rivet and Leather Wristband is a new release from Temper/Tantrum. The wristbands come in several different leather and rivet textures, they are Unisex and unrigged. Resize script upon Touch.

BONDI made a Formal Edition of The Burning Man Cap. This item is of course also Unisex. Texture changer HUD and resize upon Touch. The Samurai Glasses I blogged before but here they are again because they look awesome!

In the TAOX TATTOO mainstore you can find the amazing Wild Spirit tattoo which covers the arms and hands, shoulders, back, neck and cheeks. All previous releases by TAOX are updated with BoM layers!

  • BONDI . The Samurai Glasses @ FaMESHed (through November 27)
  • BONDI . The Burning Man Cap Formal ED.
  • Temper Riveted Leather Wristband Beige-Bronze (R)
  • TAOX TATTOO – UNISEX – Wild Spirit
  • Shape by me
  • Pose by WRONG

Silent Language

Love is a silent language only the heart can speak and only the soul can understand.


The ORSY Event starts tomorrow! Among the goodies found in the opening round are pose packs from Gravity Poses and the beautiful Relic Collection from Laminak. The first round of the ORSY Event runs from November 9th at 12 PM SLT through November 28th. Happy shopping!

  • Gravity Poses – The Ottoman @ ORSY Event (November 9 through November 28)
    • Ottoman comes in Black leather and Brown suede
    • Contains 3 couples poses
    • Poses are available for purchase without the ottoman
  • Laminak – Relic Collection @ ORSY Event (November 9 through November 28)
    • Laminak – Relic Collection – Console Table – Aged Black 1li
    • Laminak – Relic Collection – Large Grind Stone – Dark Grey 2li
    • Laminak – Relic Collection – White Candle Stick 1li
    • Laminak – Relic Collection – Hogweed – Grey Vase 3li
    • Laminak – Relic Collection – Storage Pots – Dark 1li
  • Sander is wearing:
    • Modulus – Jeremy Hair
    • !NFINITY Luca Choker
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- L and R
  • Build: [Cinoe] Exotic sailor’s house
  • Rug: DaD “Les Memoires Vintage blue rug” 2li @ Uber (through November 22)

Tid for Hygge

Hygge (/ˈh(j)uːɡə/; Danish: [ˈhykə]; Norwegian: [ˈhŷɡːə]) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Hygge – Wikipedia

Fall and winter is hygge-time for most Scandinavians. The darker and colder it gets outside, the more cuddly and warm we make it inside. And the mood we create, with the fireplace, candles, hot chocolate or wine and blankets is what we call ‘hygge’. It is definitely baking season and indoor hobbies, like crafts and knitting are popular too while we wait for the sun to return. I’ve created a room full of hygge with items from Soul2Soul, DaD, Yugen, Cinoe, Tuesdays and Refuge.

  • Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace Set @ The Liaison Collaborative (through November 26)
    • Soul2Soul. Tuscan Fireplace w/wall 5li
    • Soul2Soul. Tuscan Mirror 1li
    • Soul2Soul. Tuscan Leaning Art 2li
    • Soul2Soul. Tuscan Candles 2li each
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Living Set” @ Uber (through November 22)
    • Available PG+FAMILY – ADULT+FAMILY
    • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Sofa” 14li
    • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Armchair” 7li
    • DaD “Les Memoires Vintage blue rug” 2li
    • DaD “Les Memoires Wooden floor lamp” 2li
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • Yugen.// autumn crafts @ Anthem (through November 30)
    • Yugen.// autumn origami 1li
    • Yugen.// sewing clutter 2li
    • Yugen.// stamp box 1li
    • Yugen.// stamp clutter 1li
    • Yugen.// washi tape 1li
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • [Cinoe] Brownie sticks – Kiwi @ Shiny Shabby (through November 15)
    • Eatable – Bento animations – Dispenser
    • Available in Strawberry, Kiwi, Lemon and Orange.
    • 1li each
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • [Cinoe] Cheese plate and wine
    • [cinoe] Cheese plate 2li
    • [cinoe] wine Moth beige 1li
    • [cinoe] wine goblet 1li
    • Eatable – Bento animations – Dispenser
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • Build: [Cinoe] Exotic sailor’s house
  • Tuesdays Fabric Frame – Shabby Edition @ Cosmopolitan (through November 14)
    • Available in Shabby and Nursery Editions
    • Texture change frame: 18 Fabric Options and 3 Wood Frame Options
    • 1li
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Gacha
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart RARE 3li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Blanket 3li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Candlesticks 2li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Glass Dish 1li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Photo Stack 1li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Pumpkins 1li
    • Refuge – Autumn Bar Cart Pillows 2li
    • Permissions: Copy / Modify / Transfer
  • Nutmeg. Stored Antiquities Curtain