Winter Refuge

Muniick has refreshed their Winter Refuge Sled Set from last year and among the updates are new fabrics all around, the fence has been expanded and advanced materials added. It’s also now available in Adult. The whole set is on sale for this weekend’s 60L$ Happy Weekend! Happy Weekend runs every Saturday at 10am slt – Sunday 11:59pm slt.

Yugen is participating in this round of The Epiphany with the amazing Dreamy Winter collection. This set contains so many beautiful and magical winter things and the rare piece is beautiful Christmas Decor.

  • Muniick– Winter Refuge Sled Set v2 – 60L$ Happy Weekend!
    • Muniick – (ADULT) Vintage Winter Sled Bench v2
    • Muniick – Throw Pillow No03 v2
    • Muniick – Throw Pillow No04 v2
    • Muniick – Throw Blanket No01 v2
    • Muniick – Stump Side Table v2
    • Muniick – Lantern Post v2
    • Muniick – Gas Lantern – Hanging v2
    • Muniick – Gas Latern – Standing v2
    • Muniick – Tote Bag with Old Books v2
    • Muniick – Old Book of Sketches v2
    • Muniick Hot Cocoa in Vintage Mug v2
    • Muniick- Split Plank Rustic Fence Kit
  • Yugen.// dreamy winter. gacha collection @ The Epiphany (through January 12)
    • Yugen.// snow caterpillar
    • Yugen.// flower branch. frost
    • Yugen.// flower stump. frost
    • Yugen.// snow flowers.// snow.a
    • Yugen.// snow flowers.// snow.b
    • Yugen.// snow flowers.// purple.a
    • Yugen.// snow flowers.// blue.b
    • Yugen.// water flower. snow
    • Yugen.// water flower. blue
    • Yugen.// snowy shroom. red a
    • Yugen.// snowy shroom. fantasy b
  • Skye Epic Rocks
  • Skye Epic Cliffs

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