To Ski Or To Après-Ski

The Eternal Glasses are BONDI‘s release for this round of Cosmopolitan. This is the first time BONDI makes oversized glasses and they are made in a well known, classic retro look but still have their own identiey. Timeless. Choose frame and legs textures individually. As always, BONDI products are unisex, unrigged and resizable.

Another timeless classic is the Gentlemans Pullover from Nero, at this round of ACCESS (opens today). Available in 12 colors. Compatible with Belleza Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Signature Gianni male mesh bodies.

Have lots of winter fun with CHEZ MOI and go on a date in a recycled cable car! The amazing Winter Fun set is available at The Gacha Garden.

  • BONDI . The Eternal Glasses @ Cosmopolitan (through February 20)
  • Nero – Gentlemans Pullover @ ACCESS (February 12th through March 8th)
  • CHEZ MOI * Winter Fun Gacha @ The Gacha Garden (through February 28)
    • CHEZ MOI Cable Car Rusty (High LOD)
    • CHEZ MOI Champagne Bucket (dispenses champagne glass)
    • CHEZ MOI Ladder with Blankets
    • CHEZ MOI Ski Set
    • CHEZ MOI Winter Fun Sled (Seed of Inspiration)
    • CHEZ MOI White Lantern (not shown)

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