Morning Coffee

Or the hot breakfast drink of your choice. This scene just struck me like, ohh this looks warm and cozy, I want to have my breakfast coffee here! You can have your cup of tea. Then we can go back to bed.

At Uber you can find the latest release in the Les Memoires series by DaD. The set consists of the beautiful white Wrought Iron Gazebo with delicate swirl details is accompanied by a stone table with draped lace and porcelain dish with home grown fresh picked fruit. Two types of chairs made in the same wrought iron, one with arm rest and both with pillows that by touch gives you a selection of six colors. Plant stand also in wrought iron holds four flourishing plants. Also, the cutest Buddha Baby statue ever! I almost forgot the mosaic tiles that are in three colors, which makes for a perfect completion of this set.

Konoha is at The Liaison Collaborative with moss! Moss for walls to be exact and in the pack you’ll find 19 uniquely shaped mesh pieces of different shapes. Season changer menu upon Touch and fully modifiable mesh for you to play with. A must have for any serious landscaper.

  • DaD “Les Memoires Wrought Iron Gazebo Set @ Uber (through June 22)
  • {-Maru Kado-} Stone wall set_Basic

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