Meet Me In Paradise

Give your home a tropical atmosphere with these bamboo room dividers from DaD. Natural elements in a cool and creative design transforms any room into a relaxing atmosphere with a hint of exotic. Several choices of dividers to fit your needs with or without light and adjustable plants. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Find the DaD Bamboo Room Divider set at Summerfest ’21!

DaD is taking you on a summer vacation right in your own home with their newest release the Tropical Vibes Set which is available right now at Uber. The sofa comes with 5 beautiful tropical patterns and one plain, with 4 solid colors for each blanket and tropical patterns for the 2 side pillows and solid colors for the middle. To complete the set there is two different sized kentia palms in beautifully crafted planters and a clock table, as decor only, so set your own time of how long you want to stay in vacation mode.

The ‘Comfort in early summer’ set by Cinoe should now be in the Cinoe mainstore. The set consists of Juicer in 6 different colors, fruit basket and coaster, which all work together to make the fruit juice of your choice. Click the Juicer to turn it on, touch the fruit you want to juice and watch the juicer do its thing and when it’s done, touch the coaster to pour a glass. Touch the glass to give you a animated drink. Enjoy!

  • DaD “Bamboo Room Divider” @ Summerfest ’21 (through July 11)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Tropical Vibes Set” @ Uber (through July 23)

By The Seashore

The beautiful Coastal Bench Set by InsurreKtion is at eBento for a couple more days. Subtle blue tones throughout the entire set and coastal themed wall art and pillow textures make sure you’ll feel that seaside bliss. The bench is available in both PG and Adult versions. Texture change menu for pillows and matress are found in the Sit Adjust menu. The set is Copy / Modify.

A Good Traveler

A good traveler has no fixed plans.

Lao Tzu

The Godwits are migratory waders and with their insane migration routes, they are some of the best travelers in existance. The │T│L│C│Animesh Godwit Collection is now available at Summerfest ’21. The collection includes 6 texture options, animesh, hybrid and mesh variants, including habitat. As always with TLC Animals, the Godwits look extremely realistic with their amazing textures.

  • TLC Animesh Godwit Collection @ Summerfest ’21 (through July 11)
    • TLC Godwit Island
    • TLC Godwit [Hudsonian]
    • TLC Godwit [Marbled]
    • TLC Godwit [Marbled Breeding]
    • TLC Godwit [Black Tailed]
    • TLC Godwit [Bar Tailed – Wet]
    • TLC Godwit [Bar-Tailed]

Summer Vibe

ERAUQS has several new releases out right now at different events and here I’m showcasing the Shoulder Bag which is at MOM and the Brad Shorts which are available at the anniversary round of ACCESS along with the T-Shirt anniversary gift! What a cool gift! The Shoulder Bag is unrigged with resizer script. There are 12 options sold as singles or as fatpack with discount. The Brad Shorts are Original Mesh compatible with Legacy (shown on me), Jake and Gianni male mesh bodies. 15 different shorts sold as singles or as discounted fatpack. Awesomesauce!

BONDI is participating at Summerfest ’21 with The Breaker Sunglasses. Optimized design based on the current trends, having fun at the beach, and with a deluxe style, the breaker will be your best companion this summer. Two frame options and two metal options to combine. The metal over the blinders can be turned on and off. You have 12 different lens options to combine with mixed opacity as well as the new Materials control. Enjoy the summer vibe!

  • Pitaya – Rent a surfboard

Comment le dis-tu…?

We all know the famous scene from the movie Titanic where Rose asks Jack to draw her like one of his French girls? Well, here Mahogany and I are hanging out on our Paris platform and I was setting up a scene for the Mayfair Récamier from KOPFKINO which turned out to be in a Parisian artisan’s loft. We hope you enjoy this scene where Sander draws his French girl! 😉

The recamier is a chaise longue available in 3 colours. The blanket colour can be changed via menu and there is also an option to hide the blanket so it doesn’t interfere with the animations. The recamier features brand new KOPFKINO bento animations (soft breathing animations), 5 female, 5 male and 4 couple that are made for this furniture piece and won’t be available anywhere else. Available at Cosmopolitan through June 26th 2021.

  • SAYO – Parisi Drapes
  • *** rojo *** Mon Cher Corner Build
  • Mahogany is wearing the Octavia Lingerie Set by Ave Moi
  • Sander is wearing the Pierce Outfit by .etiquette.

The Dogfather

In Norway we do Father’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in November but hey, I can celebrate it twice if I want to. After all, I’m the human minion of two Dachshund girls. Here are some very cool items from FKD, CHEZ MOI and Krescendo, happy father’s day and enjoy the rest of the weekend, unless you live a gazillion time zones east then I’m so sorry.



  • NATIVE URBAN – Sunset Sneakers
  • NinaX: Dog Dad R Hand [STATIC]
Text from Dog

Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth equals freedom and freedom is what America is about!

Congressmember Sheila Jackson Lee – TX18

Juneteenth falls on June 19th every year and celebrates the end of slavery in the US. While Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation back in January 1st in 1863, it took a few years for many enslaved African-American people to claim their freedom. June 19th in 1865 marks the day when more than 1,800 troops arrived in Texas to free the remaining enslaved people in the state. Since then, African-American people across the US celebrate Juneteenth with various festivities and events. As of this year, 2021, Juneteenth is a national federal holiday and I believe everyone should celebrate this day. Happy Juneteenth, AMERICA!