Meet Me In Paradise

Give your home a tropical atmosphere with these bamboo room dividers from DaD. Natural elements in a cool and creative design transforms any room into a relaxing atmosphere with a hint of exotic. Several choices of dividers to fit your needs with or without light and adjustable plants. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Find the DaD Bamboo Room Divider set at Summerfest ’21!

DaD is taking you on a summer vacation right in your own home with their newest release the Tropical Vibes Set which is available right now at Uber. The sofa comes with 5 beautiful tropical patterns and one plain, with 4 solid colors for each blanket and tropical patterns for the 2 side pillows and solid colors for the middle. To complete the set there is two different sized kentia palms in beautifully crafted planters and a clock table, as decor only, so set your own time of how long you want to stay in vacation mode.

The ‘Comfort in early summer’ set by Cinoe should now be in the Cinoe mainstore. The set consists of Juicer in 6 different colors, fruit basket and coaster, which all work together to make the fruit juice of your choice. Click the Juicer to turn it on, touch the fruit you want to juice and watch the juicer do its thing and when it’s done, touch the coaster to pour a glass. Touch the glass to give you a animated drink. Enjoy!

  • DaD “Bamboo Room Divider” @ Summerfest ’21 (through July 11)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Tropical Vibes Set” @ Uber (through July 23)

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