Rural Bliss

I love doing big scenes. Problem is, they take a while to set up, just to be taken down again shortly after shooting. Often times I reuse these scenes for furniture and decor or fashion close-ups before clearing the platform. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new releases from DaD, Konoha, The Little Branch and Soul2Soul! The Soul2Soul Seville Orangery Set is featured in my previous blog post, by the way, if you want to take a closer look.

  • DaD “Positano Mansion” @ FaMESHed (through July 27)
  • DaD “Positano Farmhouse”
  • DaD “Positano Barn”
  • DaD “Positano water well”
  • Konoha – Rock Fences of Nerani @ Cosmopolitan (through July 10)
  • Konoha – Nerani Lush Grass Pack A
  • Konoha – Fluffy Natoma Grass
  • Konoha – Trails of Kitamachi – 2 Lane Pack
  • Konoha -Leucanthemum cindy -Daisies
  • LB_LindenGreenSpireTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons @ MAN CAVE (through July 11)
  • LB_SweetOrangeTree.v1{Animated}4Seasons

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