Physical attractions are common. But a mental connection is rare. You need substance to your sexy.

Looking at some random people on Flickr, I can’t help thinking if they’re 15 years old? I guess we all have different levels of maturity and I know, the readers of my blog isn’t actually the target group of this message but hey, it’s ok to think about substance from time to time. Too many people want to be famous but don’t want the responsibility that follows as an influencer. Insubstantiality and empty likes. Why don’t you instead seek to be worth knowing, rather than well known, your success will be endless.

Lapointe & Bastchild puts a substantial amount of thought and effort into their creations. Not only do the textures look fantastic, the rigging is 1st class. Very realistic designs. Only downside with L&B is they don’t rig for Legacy bodies. It’s a good thing I can swap bodies in SL faster than most swap pants in RL. So here I’m showcasing Lapointe & Bastchild apparel on the Belleza Jake body and L&B got some new exlusive jeans for Fameshed this month! Available in a wide array of denims or in a huge selection of color cotton denim – they feature slight tears at the knee and pair up nicely with many style of shirts. Megapack containing Denim Jeans and Color Jeans fatpacks + the Bonus Keychain all in one pack for a discount at the event.

  • L&B Swear Jett Coin Necklace (MAN CAVE Anniversary GIFT through July 11)
  • L&B Swear Jett Short Sleeve Shirt @ MAN CAVE (through July 11)
  • L&B Swear Boss Jeans @ FaMESHed (through July 27)
  • L&B Swear Havoc Ops Boots

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