Do Well. Live Well. Dress Really Well.

Guys, did you see?? Hoorenbeek just released the finest and most complete tuxedo on the grid! Closed and open jacket, 4 different shirt styles for both jackets. Accessories includes loose bow tie for open shirts, handkerchief show and hide, separate cummerbund, lapel flower. Buy the full pack to get 8 tuxedo colors and a color picker HUD which allows for infinite color combinations. The full pack also includes a Presets HUD to easily get the most common tuxedo combinations. Mix, match, make it yours!

When you look this good you got to have a good looking drink and the drinks served from the Escape Doors trays from Cinoe are perfect for your formal or not so formal garden parties. The trays also serve eatable nuts for you to enjoy along with your drinks. Enjoy!

If you’re looking for a garden lounge sofa, take a look at this one from GOOSE, available in PG and Adult versions, texture change options in the Sit menu. Hanging lanterns included to set a magical evening mood!



  • [Cinoe] Escape doors
    • [Cinoe] Escape doors – Blue Hawaii
    • [Cinoe] Escape doors – Sky diving
  • GOOSE – Garden lounge sofa
    • GOOSE – Lounge sofa
    • GOOSE – Hanging lanterns

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