Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

While I’m on the subject of witchcraft, I remember a story about one of my ancestors who was accused of practising witchcraft. This was way back in time, we’re talking the 17th century witch trials. My forefather was accused of performing evil sorcery; he was blamed to have, among other things, caused a storm which in turn had made a fishing boat capsize and the crew drowned. He was found guilty of witchery and then burned on the stake. Gruesome stuff.

I’m practising my witchery safely in Second Life and only for Halloween. With the best help from KOPFKINO, Bricolage, Hoorenbeek and BONDI, I really look the part!

Bricolage is participating at Hallow Manor with an extensive Fortune Tellers Set, very detailed and beautifully textured, this set is a must for your reading parlour! Tarot Reader Chair, Fortune Seeker Chair, Table, Tarot Cards, Candles and much more. Bricolage also offers a console table with skull decor as a hunt gift, go join the hunt!

KOPFKINO has created various Halloween Decor items for the October round of The Epiphany; The Witch’s Hat Rabbit available in 3 different themes, The Raven available in 2 different colors and The Moth Skull available in 3 different colors with 2 different hold options AND decor version too! Also, there are 2 older KOPFKINO items available at a special price of 50L$ (this price is only applicable for the duration of the event): Magic Potions & Books and Magic Papers.

BONDI is at ACCESS with the Ian Glasses. As always unisex, unrigged, resize upon touch. Several color and metal options via HUD.


  • Z.O.E. Apothecary Witch Cabinet (w/o shadow)
  • Z.O.E. Black Wood Short Bookshelf
  • Z.O.E. Gothic Candelabra
  • SAYO – Velvet Drapes – Straight / Soot


  • BONDI . Ian Glasses @ ACCESS (through November 8)
  • BONDI . The Dark Lord Hat Formal Edition
  • .random.Matter. – Ancient Arcana – Book – Red [L]
  • .random.Matter. – Ancient Arcana – Page Aura [ii]

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