Say Freeze!

A new round of Cosmopolitan just opened, be sure to hop on over and check out all the wonderful new releases, like these two from Knick Knacks and Duvet Day. This round of Cosmopolitan runs from November 29th through December 11th.

@ COSMOPOLITAN (through December 11):

  • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – Andy the snowman
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – traineau
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – wishes branch
    • ::KKs:: Advent calendar 2021 lights
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – ski sticks

Other items used:

  • Konoha Fluffy Natoma Grass
  • Yugen.// dreamy winter set
  • Skye Birch Grove

I Got This

I got this. Especially now that I have the Sari-Sari Beer Advent Calendar. Then with help from CHEZ MOI I can make gingerbread houses and I can wrap all my presents with the new gift boxes from Granola. Yup. And still look good too, wearing the Crockett outfit from Hoorenbeek.

The Sari-Sari Beer Advent Calendar is both decorative and functional as it dispenses you a holdable beer (male and female and also right and left hand versions). Find this awesome piece at The Warehouse Sale event. Skål!

For Tannenbaum, CHEZ MOI made a fantastic DIY Gingerbread House Decor Set. I couldn’t fit all the set pieces in this picture so make sure you check it out at Tannenbaum!

Granola‘s Noelle Gift Boxes Mod/Transfer versions for Happy Weekend and Mod/Copy versions for the Granola Black Friday Sale. Both sales run through Monday!

Previously blogged / Other items used:

  • MOoH! Deer beanie 1


You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Well maybe it does look like someone started typing their last will and testament on the Muniick vintage typewriter; I still associate typewriters, ink and paper with inspiration and creativity and there’s my blog post title. I don’t write but I used to draw and when I drew there was no end to the things I wanted to draw. Endless creativity.

Muniick offers this complete set of vintage typewriter, fountain pen set, paper tray, houseplant no. 11, task lamp, hourglass and writing desk for only 60L$ for this Happy Weekend Sale.

Also, there’s another set with desk chair and vintage persian rug to complete the collection! That too for only 60L$.

Both sets are available in PG and Adult versions.

Also… Muciick is holding a Black Friday | Cyber Monday sale now and through December 5th with everything (except the weekly instore sales and gift cards) at 75% off!

  • Muniick Llewellyn Vintage Writing Desk Set B for 60L$ Happy Weekend Sale (through November 28)

It’s Cold Outside

The pupper is properly displaying how we feel right now in this frigid weather. I only take my puppers on short trips outside as Dachshunds aren’t made for freezing temperatures. Best to stay warm and cozy for right now and save the long walks for another day.

The Meriweather Living Room Set from Bricolage consists of sofa PG/Adult, highback chair PG/Adult, ottoman w/single sits, coffee table, side table and a decorative dish. All parts of the sofa & chair are texture change, the ottomans wood base is texture change.

Bricolage, JIAN and CHEZ MOI all have Black Friday sales going on, happy shopping!

  • JIAN Classic Accessory Chihuahuas Comfy Blankie
  • CHEZ MOI * Ho Ho Ho Santa Fun Collection:
    • CHEZ MOI White Fireplace
    • CHEZ MOI Fireplace Decor
  • Refuge – Winter Scene Home
  • SAYO – Velvet Drapes – Crimson
  • Laminak – Yule Red Area Rug
  • HISA – Wanderlust Cottage

The Greatest Luxury is Being Free

Free to make choices, free of bias, free to purchase the home you want. Speaking of homes I want.. This very luxurious bedroom, that I wouldn’t be opposed to having in real life, is decorated with creations from CHEZ MOI and [ SQUARE ]. I’m loving the luxury, I’m also loving the freedom to mess it up when I’m trying different outfits. Too bad I have to tidy it up again myself! Just like in real life.

  • BLACK NEST / Hohto Messy Clothes

Captured Elegance

  • CROWDED ROOM Rook Living Set @ Dubai (through December 10)
    • Crowded Room – Rook Couch – PG/Adult – Available in Brown and Black
    • Crowded Room – Rook Side Table
    • Crowded Room – Rook Shelf
    • Crowded Room – Rook Humidifier with Light (also no light version)
    • Crowded Room – Shiny Ball Decor
    • Crowded Room – Rook Wall Light
    • Crowded Room – Rook Floor Light
  • MYSA Industrial Console
  • MYSA Industrial Pictures Frames
  • [Kres] Industrial Accents – Book clamp
  • [Kres] Industrial Accents – Screws
  • -David Heather-Industrio Big Pile of Magazines
  • -David Heather-Industrio Magazine Bin
  • -David Heather-Basketball

A Vintage Winter

It is not quite here yet but it’s definitely OK to be getting in the mood for the good old Yuletide or Juletid as we say in Norway. A little Christmas decor here and a little Christmas snack there and suddenly, in about a month, you’re singing Christmas songs.. It could happen! It will happen! Guaranteed!

We’re well into the final week of this round of Cosmopolitan. Be sure to visit before Saturday ends and check out all the amazing offers. There are snowmen! I’m showcasing a couple vintage creations for you today, from Knick Knacks and Old World. I hope you like it! Happy shopping 🙂

@ Cosmopolitan (through November 27):

Other items used/previously blogged:

  • KOPFKINO – Candied Almonds Decor
  • KOPFKINO – Miss Vanity II – Shutter Curtains white (modified)
  • DaD “Christmas Pine Wreath w red ribbon + light”
  • DaD “Les Memoires Corrugated Rugs Set 01”

May Your Coffee be Strong and Your Monday be Short

  • [Kres] Lush Lights – 12
  • [Kres] Undead Unicorn – Pastel
  • [Kres] Industrial Accents – Sofa
  • [Kres] Frank the Dog Butler – Black