You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Well maybe it does look like someone started typing their last will and testament on the Muniick vintage typewriter; I still associate typewriters, ink and paper with inspiration and creativity and there’s my blog post title. I don’t write but I used to draw and when I drew there was no end to the things I wanted to draw. Endless creativity.

Muniick offers this complete set of vintage typewriter, fountain pen set, paper tray, houseplant no. 11, task lamp, hourglass and writing desk for only 60L$ for this Happy Weekend Sale.

Also, there’s another set with desk chair and vintage persian rug to complete the collection! That too for only 60L$.

Both sets are available in PG and Adult versions.

Also… Muciick is holding a Black Friday | Cyber Monday sale now and through December 5th with everything (except the weekly instore sales and gift cards) at 75% off!

  • Muniick Llewellyn Vintage Writing Desk Set B for 60L$ Happy Weekend Sale (through November 28)

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