Arriving at the Lodge

I was going to make the caption: ‘Weekend at the Lodge’ but then I was thinking; I might just stay here through the winter! I love cabin life, it’s soul-soothing for me to be close to nature; walks in the forest, chopping firewood and then have the same firewood heat up the entire cabin for hours.. Sit outside on the deck and listen to the birds sing or just watch the fish jump in the lake. Ahhh, but the coffee was to-go from Sari-Sari.

  • DaD “Autumn wreath”
  • DaD “Positano Ceiling Lamp”
  • DaD “Succulent Pumpkin Pots”
  • DaD “Vintage Rocking Chair”
  • DaD “Oillala Mountain Chalet” @ FaMESHed (through November 27)


  • Sari-Sari – Cup with Knit Sleeve (bento) @ Anthem (through November 30)
  • L&B * Swear Pilot Leather Jacket w/Tee @ TMD (through November 30)

We Should Probably Cuddle Now

Cuddles. They are appreciated. And tea. And blankets. And YOU.

I made this cozy fall garden nook with items from Crowded Room, InsurreKtion and DaD. Perfect for cuddling!

  • [IK] Handcraft Halloween – Floating Candles
  • DaD “Love Gardening” (Rake + Sack of Leaves)
  • DaD “Forgotten Summer Pool” – Pile of leaves
  • DaD – Climbing Ivy
  • hive // daisy’s pergola [lights on version]

Casual means Comfortable..

Casual means comfortable, not sloppy.

Antonio Centeno

Smart casual is the right term to use for the Doug outfit by Hoorenbeek and what’s so nice about their NG outfits is not only do you get a complete outfit, the outfit is already color coordinated for you, ready to wear; just put it on and go out and mingle! The Doug outfit is compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni, Geralt and Legacy male mesh bodies.

Running Out of Time!

I have to thank BONDI, not just for their awesome creations but also for inspiring me to create a whole almost entirely unsponsored scene JUST FOR FUN! Been a while since I did a just for fun set up and I’d almost forgotten how wonderful it is to just play with stuff – it was about time!

  • BONDI . Honey Cookie (7 shapes; each with decor version and 5 different hold versions)

A special thank you to Mahogany ❤️️ and also these creators for making this picture possible:

  • Absolut Creation Static Guards Squid Game
  • [MW]60’s jp playground
  • Yugen.// painted fence
  • Wonderwall Textures – Clouds Sky Texture

Good to be Home

Let’s start with the awesome small space kitchen back there, it’s the Artisan Kitchen Collection from Soul2Soul and it’s available at Shiny Shabby through November 15th. After that you can find it in the Soul2Soul store. The Artisan Kitchen with induction hob, oven and sink offers a ton of colour combinations for the Counter, Cabinets and Doors and at only 6li. It has individual door options to create accent colours for your decor, together with a trendy chalkboard option. Also in the collection are the Steps, Shelf, Hooks and Appliances; all equipped with a texture options system. Of course some kitchen clutter is included in the collection; 11 items to properly clutter your kitchen! Purchase item packs separately or as fatpack with a discount.

CHEZ MOI is participating in the early November round of Cosmopolitan with the LoutLout Chaise Set. An Elegant chaise to relax and chill alone or together. Available in PG and Adult versions. Also included in the box is the Accent Table and Tea Tray (dispenses cup of tea and/or raspberry tart). Texture change HUD for the chaise and blanket. The Accent Table is initially white but since it’s Modify you can tint it like I did to match your space.

  • JIAN Cat Collection
  • JIAN Cat Deco Collection // Cat Tree
  • Dutchie white painted wooden blinds (tinted grey)
  • Build: DaD “Hillside House”

Quiet Afternoons

The Les Memoires Cozy Corner set from DaD are timeless pieces to fill the rooms of your home. The Set includes a beautiful Secretary Desk in aged wood, which has kept its beauty through the years. The desk is available in a light and dark wood with a dark or red color choices for the throws that are changeable by touch menu. A chair crafted in the same wood, with wicker backing and a pillow and throw. Dark and light wood choices and the fabric color can also be changed by touch menu, dark or red. Wooden candles in dark and light wood (on off flame by touch), a round rug and a grandfather clock that is available in dark or light wood. The Les Memoires Cozy Corner set is available right now at Uber.

The JIAN Cat Collection is a NEW animesh collection release available exclusively at the JIAN main store for an introductory discount the first 2 weeks. This is an extensive collection of wanderers, companions and held cats, props and decor items too as well as some static kittens in various poses. Do check them out at the JIAN store and please enjoy some kitties!

  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Corner Set ” @ Uber (through November 22)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Secret Corner Set – Colocasia Plant in pot”