I Will Fight For You!

Enchantment Blogger Contest – The Nutcracker

Incidentally, the world is magical. Magic is simply what’s off our human scale… at the moment.

Vera Nazarian

I love storytelling through pictures. Some of the SL bloggers I admire the most are the storytellers; the ones that take items that are available for blogging and then create a whole universe in one picture and you can’t stop looking at it! Not only are they awesome photographers, they are bloggers too. And they all have their own styles of storytelling and this is what makes it so great… you can’t copy someone’s storytelling technique. Like a writer you have to create your own style, or rather, you have to nurture it because it’s already there. The more you work the more it’ll shine.

@ Enchantment The Nutcracker (through December 4):

  • BananaN Nutcracker huge book 1 and 2
  • TSG Clara CM
  • MOoH! Christmas mice grey
  • Brittle dancer by Bryn Oh
  • Pose: Be My Mannequin? – Nutcracker Leap
  • LB and SWP – Dance of the sugar plum fairy Backdrop

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