Sorry not sorry for the Norwegian caption. There is simply no English equivalent.

Romjul starts tomorrow, December 27th. Romjul or romhelg are very old Norwegian words (from Norse: rúmheilagr ‘not holy by law’) to describe the days between the Christmas holidays and the end of Christmas (January 6th). Nowadays we usually mean the days between the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Romjul is often full of hygge. It might even be extra hyggelig! And we all remember that Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment, right? Hence, we get Romjulshygge when our homes are still decorated with Christmas lights and candles and blankets and the fireplace is crackling and baby, it’s cold outside!

  • DaD “Les Memoires Covered Sofa Christmas Ed.” GROUP GIFT Dec 2021
  • DaD “Wooden logs in bucket” for 60L$ Happy Weekend (through December 26)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Corner Set”:
    • DaD “Les Memoires Secretary Desk” white
    • DaD “Les Memoires Grandfather clock” white
    • DaD “Les Memoires Wicker armchair” white
    • DaD “Les Memoires Candle wood white”
  • DaD “Les Memoires Secret Corner Set: Bust of Girl”
  • DaD “Christmas Greenary” Group Gift dec 2020
  • DaD “Les Memoires Tropical Vibes Set: Clock table” (only decor)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Cozy Living: Wooden floor lamp”
  • DaD “Rustic Log Star”
  • DaD “Oillala Mountain Chalet”

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