Well Organized

I believe in style, not fashion.

Ralph Lauren

This must be pixel heaven! I want to thank Dutchie with all my heart for creating not just a men’s closet but the Men’s Closet. It’s a complete walk-in closet for the gentlemen that are more into style than fashion as this baby comes packed with beautiful hand made clothing essentials that never go out of style.

Included are 10 different closets, 9 button-down shirts, 4 suits, 17 t-shirts, 8 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 linen pants, and 4 sweatpants, as well as 12 pairs of shoes, storing boxes, suitcases, and more. There are extra boxes in this package with all the clothes and shoes separately for more decorative options. You can read more about it in Dutchie’s blog.

The versatile pouffe is by Krescendo for this round of The Epiphany. It comes in PG/Adult versions and an open decor only version. Texture change HUD contains all your favourite Krescendo textures and 6 different books so you can mix & match.

And when you have your classic walk-in closet, why not head on over to Hoorenbeek and make the image complete. They offer a multitude of outfits for the classic man and help you to NEVER go out of style. On Second Life at least.

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