Loyalty is the strongest glue which makes a relationship last for a life time.

Mario Puzo

The pupper in the picture inspired the title to this blog post, because a dog’s loyalty is amazing. But also, how is it possible for two people living thousands of miles from each other to stay in a long-term relationship? Well, distance doesn’t matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.

Lapointe & Bastchild is a sponsor at the first round of the Alpha event. Their event exclusive is the Bryant Jacket Collection. The set features either Traditional denim (from pale jade to noir) or Cotton twill (from white to deep black) & optional Shirt w/Tee. Jacket may be worn alone as well. Wide range of options for the Shirt/tee included in all packs including singles. The jacket is compatible with Meshbody Legacy & Athletic (I’m wearing Legacy in the picture), Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni.

BONDI is also participating in the Alpha event, with the very cool looking Myles Hat. Unisex of course, unrigged with resize menu upon Touch. Fatpack HUD gives you great color customization options. And we felt like having a treat, the pupper and I, so we stopped by C88 where BONDI offers coffee and donuts!

  • BONDI . Myles Hat @ Alpha (through March 17)
  • BONDI . Robbie Set @ Collabor88 (through March 6)
    • BONDI . Robbie Coffee
    • BONDI . Robbie Donut
  • L&B Swear Bryant Denim Jacket w/shirt @ Alpha (through March 17)
  • L&B Swear Bryson Plaid Pants
  • JIAN Classic Shelties // Sheltie Companion

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