Love and Compassion

There are many different kinds of power. True power comes from serving and helping others. Such behavior makes people respect you. They are willing to listen to your views and advice, and they support you. The energy of many people is thus channeled through one person. This kind of power is positive and authentic.

Dalai Lama

The Cocker Spaniel is a new release from JIAN Pets for The Fifty event. These animesh pets are adorable as heck and they come in companion, held and wanderer versions. Lots of coat options in the HUD as well as the usual controls for the wanderer.

There are new ready to wear outfits available in the Hoorenbeek mainstore. I’m wearing the casual Guy outfit when I’m outside playing with the puppers.

  • Pose by Ana Poses
  • Backdrop: Suburbia by Milk Motion

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