Money and Plastic Plants

What lasts forever, Yara? Money and plastic plants. What do you take with you, Yara? When breath leaves your lungs, ya ya. Money and plastic plants.

Karpe –

I love blogging facial hair but for a while now I haven’t had a sponsor that specializes in just that, so this is why I’m extremely happy to welcome OKARA STORE to my blog yay!

ERAUQS is participating in this round of EQUAL10 with the John Tee. The fatpack HUD gives you 6 solid colors and 12 prints to choose from and the ‘It’s not the money that matters’ print is what inspired the somewhat crazy title choise for the blog post which is from the lyrics to the accompanying song! This t-shirt is compatible with Legacy, Jake and Gianni male mesh bodies.

Milo has updated his Metal Rectangular Glasses to now include two models; the large frame ones and now also a smaller frame model which is the ones I’m wearing in the picture. The customization menu (Touch the glasses) gives you a multitude of texture options for your glasses and a few ready made presets too! You can find the Metal Rectangular Glasses in the Milo’s Bazar marketplace store.

My taste in music is all over the place and I find Norwegian band Karpe’s most recent project ‘Omar Sheriff’ to be extremely interesting and such an amazing production too!

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