Happy New Year 2023!

Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope you’re all doing well and ready to make 2023 a great year for yourself and those around you.

I’m starting my new year in Second Life with a new year sale in the MR. Sunborne Store and Marketplace. I’ve told all the fatpack and megapack vendors to give you a 25% discount from today and through January 6th. The discounted price is the one you see when you click Pay on the vendor. Easy peasy. And the marketplace listings are updated with the new price.

On January 5th, the Designer Showcase 12th anniversary round opens and I’m excited to offer you my first ready-to-wear outfit; the Amund Outfit consists of the Tromso Sweater, the Tromsdal Pants and the Ramfjord Boots, all in black. There’s no fuss with matching colors in a HUD just put it on and head out on your date! Also, I’m so very proud to offer the MR. Sunborne Outlaw Hat in weathered leather as the Designer Showcase VIP anniversary group gift. I hope you like it!

I wish you all the very best for this new year. Enjoy life and take care of each other.

Love, Sander

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