Hooked on a Feeling

  • BONDI . Freddie Sunglasses
  • Landgraff – Jimmy Hairbase
  • Volkstone Jozsef Facial Hair
  • [Cinoe] Memory from summer – Ice cream (Vanilla)
  • {kokoia} Renato :: Man Shoes ::
  • Skye Rocky Shore
  • BBX – SLB A2 Wood
  • My pose was made in Black Dragon Viewer
  • Windlight: Jay BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – NATURE

Thank you, my love, for afk-posing in the background for this picture. And just so you know…

Into Another World..

Come fairies, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame!

W. B. Yeats

Come with me into another world as I blog more amazing creations from DREAMCATCHER, JANGKA and JIAN PETS. Full stylecard included, for free!

Other items used:

  • [SOMNIUM] – Somnus Trench
  • [SOMNIUM] – Somnus Trousers
  • :[P]:- Drom Antlers
  • -[CL]- HD Eyebrows #008 (Lelutka Evolution)
  • AG. Silent Eyes
  • [MAGNIFICENT] FULL GOATEE – Grooming Series
  • :[P]:- Skin Base Vareni M [BOM-Legacy] – Eres
  • :[P]:- Addon Vareni M [Face-Evo-X-Glowup] – Eres
  • L’atelier d’Alma – Elvish Tattoo marks with luminous stone Evox
  • N E X U S bodyhair
  • L’Emporio&PL::Short Claws::
  • / HEAD / lel EvoX JON 3.1
  • [LEGACY] Meshbody (m)
  • HPMD* Garden Tree10

Love and Compassion

There are many different kinds of power. True power comes from serving and helping others. Such behavior makes people respect you. They are willing to listen to your views and advice, and they support you. The energy of many people is thus channeled through one person. This kind of power is positive and authentic.

Dalai Lama

The Cocker Spaniel is a new release from JIAN Pets for The Fifty event. These animesh pets are adorable as heck and they come in companion, held and wanderer versions. Lots of coat options in the HUD as well as the usual controls for the wanderer.

There are new ready to wear outfits available in the Hoorenbeek mainstore. I’m wearing the casual Guy outfit when I’m outside playing with the puppers.

  • Pose by Ana Poses
  • Backdrop: Suburbia by Milk Motion

Lazy Day

Sari-Sari is participating in this round of The Warehouse Sale with ‘Lazy Day’ which is a tray with laptop and a hot beverage of your choosing. That’s not all! It contains unique Sari-Sari male and female single pose with blanket!

Woofer next to me agrees, it’s definitely time for a lazy day. It’s only 5F out there today.

And since Spring is still a long way away up here, the Indoor Plant Shelves from Sari-Sari are perfect; wooden shelves with Hoya Cumingiana and Aglaonema Snow White potted plants and grow lights. This lovely decor item can be found at Anthem for 5 more days.

  • JIAN Classic Shelties // Sleeping Sheltie
  • DaD “NoHo Sofa”
  • DaD “NoHo coffee table”
  • DaD “Les Memoires oval Rug” light
  • uK -Masculine Chic Art 1


Loyalty is the strongest glue which makes a relationship last for a life time.

Mario Puzo

The pupper in the picture inspired the title to this blog post, because a dog’s loyalty is amazing. But also, how is it possible for two people living thousands of miles from each other to stay in a long-term relationship? Well, distance doesn’t matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.

Lapointe & Bastchild is a sponsor at the first round of the Alpha event. Their event exclusive is the Bryant Jacket Collection. The set features either Traditional denim (from pale jade to noir) or Cotton twill (from white to deep black) & optional Shirt w/Tee. Jacket may be worn alone as well. Wide range of options for the Shirt/tee included in all packs including singles. The jacket is compatible with Meshbody Legacy & Athletic (I’m wearing Legacy in the picture), Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni.

BONDI is also participating in the Alpha event, with the very cool looking Myles Hat. Unisex of course, unrigged with resize menu upon Touch. Fatpack HUD gives you great color customization options. And we felt like having a treat, the pupper and I, so we stopped by C88 where BONDI offers coffee and donuts!

  • BONDI . Myles Hat @ Alpha (through March 17)
  • BONDI . Robbie Set @ Collabor88 (through March 6)
    • BONDI . Robbie Coffee
    • BONDI . Robbie Donut
  • L&B Swear Bryant Denim Jacket w/shirt @ Alpha (through March 17)
  • L&B Swear Bryson Plaid Pants
  • JIAN Classic Shelties // Sheltie Companion

Winter’s Soul

Blow, North Wind, Blow
All the leaves are falling;
Cold, frost and snow
Winter comes a-calling.

Margaret Morgan – Winter

Did you check out Winter Spirit by Flair for Events yet? Here are some more goodies from this season’s wonderful fair! Also, JIAN has some new animesh foxes at their mainstore! Companions, Wanderers, Held and Posed, there are sooo many foxes!

  • JIAN Fox // Held – Shoulder (Wear/Add me!)

Other items used:

  • THIS IS WRONG Icestorm tattoo
  • Milk Motion Snow Pines