The Devil’s Box

she’s a violin of love
whose every string
produce a music
so intense that my
soul is set on fire


It was once thought to be sinful to play the violin, thus it was called “the devil’s box”. It can be hauntingly beautiful, with it’s dark timbre and I’ve chosen a particularly haunting piece of music for this picture; Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 performed by the Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel. Enjoy.

KOPFKINO is releasing a Halloween Edition of their Etude Violin Chair at their mainstore for this weekend’s Happy Weekend Sale! Make sure you grab it while the sale is on, Saturday 30th through Sunday 31st of October! Don’t worry if you miss the sale though, the chair will still be available in the KOPFKINO mainstore at its regular price.

  • KOPFKINO – Etude Violin Chair (Halloween Edition) for 60L$ Happy Weekend (through October 31)
  • KOPFKINO – Halloween Decor @ The Epiphany (through November 12)
    • KOPFKINO – The Witch’s Rabbit (Albino Vampire)
    • KOPFKINO – Moth Skull (black) – Decor
  • KOPFKINO – Blake Set:
    • KOPFKINO – Blake Fireplace
    • KOPFKINO – Blake Grandfather Clock
    • KOPFKINO – Blake Caged Candles
    • KOPFKINO – Blake Rug
  • KOPFKINO – Amaryllis (tinted the flowers and the pitcher darker for a more sinister look)
  • KOPFKINO – Mandrake Poison – Decor (Group Gift)
  • SAYO – Velvet Drapes – Right Hinged / Crimson
  • Nutmeg. Disarray Iron Wine Rack
  • MINIMAL – Westwing Castle

Getting in the Spooky Spirit

Everybody party time
Some of us will never sleep again

Gorillaz – Dracula

Are you ready for Halloween? There’s still time to find yourself an outfit and decorate your home for this festive event!

It’s sweater weather for sure and CHUCK SIZE has the proper sweater for the spooky season! It’s available right now at MEN ONLY and uh oh, it’s LIMITED EDITION; there are 5 different textures and each texture is only available in 25 copies. Compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Geralt, Legacy and Invictus Heracles male mesh bodies. Beware! When they’re out they’re gone and there’s only a few copies left so hurry on over to Men Only to secure your favorite Chucklloween spooktober sweater!

The Comfy Living Room Set from CHEZ MOI is at Shiny Shabby and consists of Couch, Pouf, Coffee Table, Accent Table, Ladder with Blankets, Nachos Tray and Domino Set.


Happy Haunting!

It’s almost Halloween and I still have a few more items I’d like to showcase BEFORE the day is here just in case you’re still looking for more Halloween decor.

In this blog post I have a couple adorably spoopy inflatable decorations from CHEZ MOI together with pumpkins, cauldrons and Halloween lights from Crowded Room. Happy Haunting!

  • Konoha – Meiji Nobedan (stone path)
  • DaD “Autumn wreath”
  • hive x dust bunny // meadow house

Do You Want to Play a Game?

Do you want to play a game?


Behold more wickedness coming our way – another limited edition item from CHUCK SIZE; the CHUCK’S HOOD LEGION is at MAN CAVE and limited edition for real as when the event ends it will no longer be available! The bloody hoodie comes in 3 different colors, each with its own gas mask. The hoodie is compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy male mesh bodies. The gas mask is unrigged and you can find a resize menu upon Touch.

TROPIX‘s Old Prison Backdrop is at The Warehouse Sale event and available in 2 different versions. Old Prison Decor pack included.

When Black Cats Prowl and Pumpkins Gleam..

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.


Just in time for All Hallows – something WICKED this way comes – new special edition bomber jackets by Lapointe & Bastchild! For both men and women! The awesome Morte Bomber Jacket is available right now and the men’s edition is at Men Only while the women’s edition is at the L&B mainstore.

  • L&B Swear Morte Bomber Jacket @ Men Only (through November 15)

The awesome and scary looking ruins is the Never, Never Fall… by Never Totally Dead, available right now at Hallow Manor. NTD also has a Hallow Manor Hunt gift for you make sure to check it out it looks amazing 🙂

The Halloween Shop & Hop is still going on you can secure a great bargain over there! For instance, TLC Animals offers their Halloween sets at a 50% discount during the event, go go!

Previously blogged items and other items used:

  • TLG – Dead Wood

Movie Night

The Magical Movie Marathon Set by Krescendo is absolutely magical! Krescendo sticks with their signature blue and purple theme for this set and let’s be honest, it totally works. In addition you get your moon and stars and zodiac patterned rug, blankets and pillows to add to the magical feeling of it all. The Magical Movie Marathon Set contains a blue leather couch that’s available in PG and Adult versions, rug, TV cabinet, TV (prop), plant, popcorn cauldron and candy bowl (I completely forgot to rez the candy…). All the animations in the sofa are bento, and the adult includes INM, Aeros and lovebridge integration. Please note no hud is included in this set, it comes in the shown colours only. The Magical Movie Marathon Set is available right now at The Epiphany.

Frank The Dog Butler is another new release by Krescendo which is available at this round of the MAN CAVE event. This handy little table comes in 8 colours and 6 patterns.

The Granola. La Luna Tray Dispenser is a new release for FLF, if you hurry you can still get it for only 50L! The tray dispenses cookies and drinks to you and your friends.

I’m super comfy for our movie night wearing the new Kiaz Sweatshirt from ERAUQS, along with the ERAUQS Nog Sweatpants which is a previous release. The Kiaz Sweatshirt is available right now at MAN CAVE and the fatpack gives you 15 different options; 9 prints and 6 solid colors. Compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy male mesh bodies.




Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

While I’m on the subject of witchcraft, I remember a story about one of my ancestors who was accused of practising witchcraft. This was way back in time, we’re talking the 17th century witch trials. My forefather was accused of performing evil sorcery; he was blamed to have, among other things, caused a storm which in turn had made a fishing boat capsize and the crew drowned. He was found guilty of witchery and then burned on the stake. Gruesome stuff.

I’m practising my witchery safely in Second Life and only for Halloween. With the best help from KOPFKINO, Bricolage, Hoorenbeek and BONDI, I really look the part!

Bricolage is participating at Hallow Manor with an extensive Fortune Tellers Set, very detailed and beautifully textured, this set is a must for your reading parlour! Tarot Reader Chair, Fortune Seeker Chair, Table, Tarot Cards, Candles and much more. Bricolage also offers a console table with skull decor as a hunt gift, go join the hunt!

KOPFKINO has created various Halloween Decor items for the October round of The Epiphany; The Witch’s Hat Rabbit available in 3 different themes, The Raven available in 2 different colors and The Moth Skull available in 3 different colors with 2 different hold options AND decor version too! Also, there are 2 older KOPFKINO items available at a special price of 50L$ (this price is only applicable for the duration of the event): Magic Potions & Books and Magic Papers.

BONDI is at ACCESS with the Ian Glasses. As always unisex, unrigged, resize upon touch. Several color and metal options via HUD.


  • Z.O.E. Apothecary Witch Cabinet (w/o shadow)
  • Z.O.E. Black Wood Short Bookshelf
  • Z.O.E. Gothic Candelabra
  • SAYO – Velvet Drapes – Straight / Soot


  • BONDI . Ian Glasses @ ACCESS (through November 8)
  • BONDI . The Dark Lord Hat Formal Edition
  • .random.Matter. – Ancient Arcana – Book – Red [L]
  • .random.Matter. – Ancient Arcana – Page Aura [ii]

You Rang?

Swiffer and I are bad to the bone (lol) for this year’s Halloween. I’m wearing the new Silas jumper by FashionNatic. The jumper fatpack has a special feature where you can appear to be sawed in half! Not even a small cut, no no, something took a whole piece of your torso and left just the spine! You can of course opt to hide this feature if you want to wear the jumper like, normal. Also included is a special Mystery HUD that you can activate if you’re a FashionNatic group member in-world. The Silas top is compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy male mesh bodies and available right now at MAN CAVE.

The Kurt Jeans by ERAUQS are available at this round of ACCESS. Choose between spattered and non-spattered textures there are 12 options in total. Compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy male mesh bodies.

  • [Rezz Room] Dachshund Halloween Adult Animesh (Companion)
  • i.mesh – TROUBLE Hair
  • lock&tuft / cleaver knife hand [add]
  • Izzie’s – Blood and Wounds


  • DRD – Killer’s Cabin
  • MADRAS Spooky Pumpkin Decor

Did You Hear Something?

The CHEZ MOI Cute Tomb is perfect for the season and to have fun and unwind with your loved ones. It comes packed with single and couple animations in both PG and Adult versions and you have a texture change HUD for the blanket. Available right now at Satan Inc.

Also at Satan Inc. is the Glinda Sweet Set from Granola. The set contains Witchy Vibes Caramel Latte, both holdable and decor versions, and Candy in a variety of colors, all served on a Coffin Tray. Super cute!

Both CHEZ MOI and Granola have awesome Trick or Treat mystery bag gifts, make sure to grab yours if you’re over there shopping!

JIAN Ghost Buddies are available right now at FLF-o-Ween! Animesh Companions & Wanderers. There’s a puppy, a cat, and a bear! Oh my! Spooky and adorable, these three spectral sweeties are dying to come home with you!


  • {moss&mink} Spooky Mist Swirl
  • Vita’s Texture – Autumn Forest Leaves 1024 3D 2016 SEAMLESS
  • Windlight: Satomi’s 2017 Halloween with star brightness increased

Sander is Wearing:

  • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Pilot Suede Jacket + Shirt
  • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Boss Jeans
  • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Kodiak Boots
  • JIAN Ghost Buddies – Puppy Companion @ FLF-o-Ween (through November 1)
  • -David Heather-Grant Beanie/Navy
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- L + R

Mahogany is Wearing:

  • JIAN Ghost Buddies – Cat Companion @ FLF-o-Ween (through November 1)
  • DOUX Joya Hair
  • The Annex Crescent Glasses
  • Monomania Puffer Outfit

Happy Fall

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

L.M. Montgomery

The Pumpkin Fall Set by GOOSE is at Cosmopolitan this round and the set consists of the Pumpkin Table, Pumpkin Sofas, Hay Bales, Hay Floor Cover, Pumpkin Candle and Pumpkin Spiced Latte (decor only).

Sari-Sari brings more delicious Halloween treats to the party at Satan Inc, with their yummy Halloween Cookies and the Pumpkin Candy Bowl, both acts as item giver of bento holdables for male and female avatars. Sari-Sari also has a decor item for you in the Trick Mystery Box. Look out for it after spending 800 – 1500 L$ at the event!

The L&B Pilot Shirt Collection is now available at their main store and on Marketplace. Form fit shirt with elbow length rolled sleeves and pocket accents. Available in three style fatpacks : Solids, Plaids, and Camos or in one Megpack set. Includes both a Tucked and an Untucked version of the shirt in Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni & Geralt, Slink Physique Male, and Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body sizes


  • GOOSE – Pumpkin fall set @ Cosmopolitan (through October 16)
  • Sari-Sari – Halloween Cookies and Pumpkin Candy Bowl @ Satan Inc (through November 1)
  • [Kres] Halloween Signs – Welcome @ Salem (through October 31)
  • CHEZ MOI Cute Halloween Clutter – Witch Wreath
  • CHEZ MOI Enchanted Porch Set:
    • Peace Bone
    • Cool Bone
    • Love Bone
  • hive x dust bunny // meadow house


  • L&B * JAKEfit Tucked* Swear Pilot Rolled Sleeve Shirt
  • L&B * JAKEfit* Swear Boss Jeans
  • Exile:: Ryan Hair
  • Sari-Sari Pumpkin Candy Bowl – M NIPS Candy @ Satan Inc (through November 1)
  • Sari-Sari Halloween Cookies – M Ghost Cookie @ Satan Inc (through November 1)