An Expression of Love

Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.

Marc Chagall

The 3some Chaise by Lalou is now available in the Lalou mainstore. It comes packed with smooth animations; Solo, F/M, F/F, M/M, FFM, MMF, FFF, with many new combinations and animations. Matching the textures and style of the Mistress Chaise and the texture change HUD gives you 10 different color textures for the chaise and the pillows (separately) and 7 leg textures. Only 7 LI. Animations: 490 in Femdom variant, 331 in Maledom variant. For 1 to 3 sitters. Copy/Modify.

The ‘Inspired’ art clutter decoration is a new in-house release by KOPFKINO. It’s available in two versions. 4 LI Copy/Modify.

The Dutchie Mesh Trenchcoat on Hanger is a new addition to Dutchie’s collection of clothes decor, available in the inworld store and on the Second Life Marketplace. Read more in Dutchie’s blog.

  • PANIQ – Let The Be Light Shelf
  • Mithral * Scindapsus Pictus Display
  • =CaD= Clip Frame (add your own photos)

Plant Manager

Anyone who has time for drama is not gardening enough.


I’ll be in my office all day because I got some new gardening tools from Sari-Sari! The Garden Cart set from Sari-Sari is available at Anthem this round. The set includes a wheelbarrow, a holdable hoe (left) and rake (right) for M&F and decor versions. Make sure to pick up the Dirty Hands II (BOM) cheapie too and you’re all set for gardening!

ERAUQS is at EQUAL10 with the Bryce Sweatshirt with sleeves pushed up, it’s a perfect casual garment for the warm-ish spring weather. And for gardening. The sweater comes in 10 options sold as singles or fatpack and compatible with Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Gianni male mesh bodies.

Sander is wearing:

  • Vango. Ray
  • RAKE – Stubble -Matt- DBrown lel EVO X

Laundry Day?

Thankfully I know how to do my laundry but we never see it done in Sci-Fi movies. How is the good old washing machine going to look 100 years from now?

  • .WARETA. Sienna Socks (I want to mention that WARETA has a very cool mask at CYBERPUNK, which I might have time to blog later, but for this particular picture it felt SO right wearing these socks!)
  • Cosmos: Hi-tech Romantic Laundry Service @ CYBERPUNK (through June 4th)
    • Cosmos: Hi-Tech Romantic Laundry Machine
    • Cosmos: Dirty Clothes
    • Cosmos: Laundry Service Table

Lazy Day

Sari-Sari is participating in this round of The Warehouse Sale with ‘Lazy Day’ which is a tray with laptop and a hot beverage of your choosing. That’s not all! It contains unique Sari-Sari male and female single pose with blanket!

Woofer next to me agrees, it’s definitely time for a lazy day. It’s only 5F out there today.

And since Spring is still a long way away up here, the Indoor Plant Shelves from Sari-Sari are perfect; wooden shelves with Hoya Cumingiana and Aglaonema Snow White potted plants and grow lights. This lovely decor item can be found at Anthem for 5 more days.

  • JIAN Classic Shelties // Sleeping Sheltie
  • DaD “NoHo Sofa”
  • DaD “NoHo coffee table”
  • DaD “Les Memoires oval Rug” light
  • uK -Masculine Chic Art 1

For Your Pᴱlⁿeͪaͣsⁿuͨrͤeͩ

  • Crowded Room – Cyber Room – Space Backdrop (wall behind the neon signs are B.Tech Hexa-Sci-FiCleanv2)

Other stuff:

  • Not Found – Ren Hairbase (Lelutka)
  • ALT3 > Cybernetic Augment EvoX Applier + BOM
  • THIS IS WRONG AI Assistant shine+tattoo
  • ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Eyes
  • L’Emporio&PL::*Elements*::
  • AVEC TOI – Kai Pants

Well Organized

I believe in style, not fashion.

Ralph Lauren

This must be pixel heaven! I want to thank Dutchie with all my heart for creating not just a men’s closet but the Men’s Closet. It’s a complete walk-in closet for the gentlemen that are more into style than fashion as this baby comes packed with beautiful hand made clothing essentials that never go out of style.

Included are 10 different closets, 9 button-down shirts, 4 suits, 17 t-shirts, 8 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 linen pants, and 4 sweatpants, as well as 12 pairs of shoes, storing boxes, suitcases, and more. There are extra boxes in this package with all the clothes and shoes separately for more decorative options. You can read more about it in Dutchie’s blog.

The versatile pouffe is by Krescendo for this round of The Epiphany. It comes in PG/Adult versions and an open decor only version. Texture change HUD contains all your favourite Krescendo textures and 6 different books so you can mix & match.

And when you have your classic walk-in closet, why not head on over to Hoorenbeek and make the image complete. They offer a multitude of outfits for the classic man and help you to NEVER go out of style. On Second Life at least.