A sneak peek at what’s coming from amias, Guwopp and Eaglelux at Men Only opening January 20th. This round of Men Only will run from January 20th through February 15th.

The awesome looking BONDI Brown Glasses are available at FaMESHed and the Stone Motif backdrops by DREAMCATCHER you can find at Tokyo Zero.

  • EGX. BOM Stefan Hairbase (EVO X) @ Men Only (January 20 – February 15)
  • EGX. HD Stefan eyebrows (Lelutka EVO) @ Men Only (January 20 – February 15)
  • Guwopp – Luiz Chain @ Men Only (January 20 – February 15)
  • amias – CODY shirt @ Men Only (January 20 – February 15)

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my fairytale
my book
to never finish
let me linger
in your pages
a little


There’s a new round of Cosmopolitan open and oh man, shopaholics, I hope you are prepared! This round offers an abundance of amazing creations, be sure to visit and check it out. I’m showcasing new releases from CHEZ MOI, BONDI and NO MATCH which can all be found at the event. This round of Cosmopolitan runs through January 22nd.

I’m wearing the Matt Puffer Jacket and the King Cargo Pants, both from ERAUQS and available at Equal10 and TMD respectively. Both jacket and pants are compatible with Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Gianni male mesh bodies.

A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.

George R.R. Martin

A new round of Cosmopolitan opened yesterday, December 27th, and there are so many great deals to find in almost all categories. I’m showcasing one of the couple poses by HERA along with the charming Reading Circle by The Dove & Pear. This round of Cosmopolitan runs through January 8th.

Sander #1 is wearing:

Mahogany is wearing:

  • BONDI . The Gambler Hat II
  • BONDI . Suga Glasses
  • S&P Dandy Outfit
  • Truth Gaea Hair
  • Cae Simplicity Pearls Earrings
  • Punch Belly Piercing/Diamond

Sander #2 is wearing:

Let’s Celebrate

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of very few television personalities that I actually admire. She started with nothing and worked her way to the Forbes list by inspiring and empowering people. She speaks up, she speaks wisely and she uses her power to do good. I wish we all could be a bit more like Oprah.

I’m celebrating Advent and life in general over at this amazing round of Cosmopolitan. This round contains an abundance of great offers and I want to try to showcase them all as best as I can. I’m having a celebration in the town square, with Orange Eggnog Mousse from ChicChica, Xmas Candy Balloons from BAD IDEAS, the Golden Xmas Too set from Kaerri, the beautiful Christmas Tree 2021 from Palavia and the very glam Mai Glasses from BONDI. Which by the way go extremely well with the Hoorenbeek Elvis outfit.



Other items used/previously blogged:

Fairy Lights and Cosy Nights

  • No59 Mulled wine
  • KOPFKINO – Accent Table Open – Red
  • Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Mason Jar Twinkle Light A and B @ TLC (through December 10)
  • Soul2Soul. Rustic Chic Dining Table @ TLC (through December 10)
  • DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Tree”
  • DaD “Oillala Mountain Chalet ”


Her mind is deliciously improper and her body is an aphrodisiac.

Alfredo Cano

The Jennie Drink made by BONDI for KPOP United is a posh looking aphrodisiac drink. A cool attachment for your avatar. It has a right hand attatchment and comes with both male and female hold poses.

I’m wearing the Bruno Raglan polo shirt which is a new release from CHUCK SIZE for the ACCESS November round. 10 colors in the fatpack, 5 fatpack exclusives. Wear the shirt with or without the chest patch. The Bruno Raglan is compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy Classic male mesh bodies.

Other items used:

  • Vango. Ray Hair
  • AG. Icy Eyes
  • Clef de Peau.Tony Stubble
  • Ysoral .:Luxe Set Rings Arthur:.

Espresso Yourself

When life gives you lemons, give them back and tell them you want coffee.

Life is short. Surround yourself with good people and only drink good coffee. I’m waiting for my No. 59 Cappuccino brewed by their most recent coffee machine; the Espresso Classic Gastro. The Espresso Classic Gastro of course also needs a few accessories, like the Classic Series Grinder, Coffebean Jar and Bags of Coffee and decorative Coffee Cups. Mmm, I can smell the delicious coffee from all the way over at EQUAL10!

I’m expressing myself, wearing the new Dante outfit from Hoorenbeek, the Pac Glasses and the Roman Cane and Pocketwatch all from BONDI. The Dante outfit is a mainstore release so you can find it at the Hoorenbeek stores. It’s compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni, Geralt and Legacy male mesh bodies.

Everything from BONDI is unisex and comes unrigged. The glasses have a resize menu upon Touch and lots of customization options via HUD. The Cane offers 3 different Hold animations for the right hand while the Pocket Watch is worn in your left hand. Both offer customization via HUD and they are modify so you can adjust the size to fit your avatar. The Roman Set is a new release available at FaMESHed this month while the Pac Glasses now are available at the BONDI store.

  • No59 Espresso Classic Gastro @ EQUAL10 (through December 5)
  • [Schultz Bros.] Cafe Espresso Set:
    • Schultz Bros. Cafe
    • Schultz Bros. Wall Art – Coffee Chart
    • Schultz Bros. Wall Art – But First, Coffee
    • Schultz Bros. Menu Boards
    • Schultz Bros. Milk Fridge

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

The bloody knees option in the Bob Pants from Chuck Size inspired the title to this blog post. It’s a good message, I think. In life, many things don’t go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. If you stumble, regain your balance. Never ever give up.

Oh and if you don’t want bloody knees while wearing the Bob Pants, you can turn that off. 8 skin tones, 2 versions, and the fatpack offers 10 color pants. Available at The Men’s Dept through November 30.

The Gustavo Shirt, also from Chuck Size, is available at this round of EQUAL10. The fatpack gives you 10 different shirt textures, both solids and prints.

TROPIX made the backdrop and it’s available in 4 different versions (lighting). The Sky City Backdrop is still at MAN CAVE but today is the last day of the October round!

  • TROPIX – SKY CITY BACKDROP @ MAN CAVE (through November 11 – last day!)
  • Pose: Le Poppycock – Hard to Pin