Ramfjord Boots

The Mr. Sunborne Ramfjord Boots are now available in the Mr. Sunborne Store and Marketplace!

The pack offers casual men’s ankle boots, fitted for Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Legacy Male mesh bodies. 16 different leather textures, most of them a bit worn, and 5 lace colors for you to choose from via wearable HUD.

The Ramfjord Boots are compatible with the Mr. Sunborne Tromsdal Pants that are available at the Designer Showcase through December 25th.

And I finally managed to get the Geilo Shirt fatpacks out on the Marketplace too, I might be able to add the single shirts this week but we’ll have to see how busy things get now before Christmas. They are however available in the Mr. Sunborne mainstore!

Gone Fishing

DiMi’s Store has a new backdrop/scene out at this round of the Driftwood event. It’s a complete fishing campsite, with tent, campfire, fishing rods, a barrel of fish, a boat, backpacks, grass, trees, a tree stump with a racoon and a dog! This scene is sold complete (71 Li, Copy / Mod.) or in separate objects (Copy). As the scene is Copy/Mod you can edit linked all the objects and place them where you want them.

Treized Designs is at this round of UniK with the Wildking Hoodie. Fatpack HUD has 10 different texture choices and 6 different rope colours. The hoodie is fitted for Signature Gianni/Geralt, Belleza, Slink and Legacy bodies.

I blogged the L&B Havoc Ops Boots for the first time yesterday, today I wanted to show how they look with the socks. Find the boots at this round of TMD!

  • “TD” WILDKING HOODIE @ UniK (until Jan 28)
  • L&B * Swear Havoc Ops Boots @ TMD (until Jan 30)
  • TORI TORRICELLI // David Shorts //
  • [WAZ] Operator Hat
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Rings