Summer Fun – Home and Garden Design 2019

Steelhead – Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock

Are you ready for it to be summer? I am so ready. Over at the Home and Garden Expo you can find Steelhead Outfitters newest addition to Camp Steelhead; a fully furnished floating swim dock! All Original Mesh and over 300 bento animations as well as a toy rezzer sets you up for the perfect day on the shore.

[AV]Sitter Sit Targeting allows for up to 14 users on 7 targets as well as 4 float rings and 4 personal water crafts. The roof is your specialty menu that will rez toys and give beverages. Just click it and select what you want.

Rez driveable jetskis and wetbikes!

Creator Credits:

  • Steelhead – Camp Steelhead Floating Swim Dock for the Home and Garden Expo 2019
  • Steelhead – Sport Scuba Gear
  • GOOSE – Sun deck (dark)
  • Lilo Cola Glass Full / DECO
  • R(S)W Large Snack Cooler 2
  • Gumi’s Flower Shop – Mom duck and five chicks
  • >>KAZZA<< Line Breeze – Lighthouse C

About Home & Garden Expo

The 12th annual Home & Garden Expo Second Life runs from 15th March to 7th April 2019 and is a mega event that raises funds for Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL). This year’s Expo spans 10 regions, and showcases home and garden creations from small decor items through furniture and landscaping to small and large houses.

Big hugs to Mahogany and Milo for coming to test the animations with me!