It Escapes, Irretrievable Time

Fugit inreparabile tempus


The Tempus Fugit set by KOPFKINO is an autumnal themed set to decorate your entrance hall or similar spaces. The photo tree lets you add all your favourite pictures. All items are available in a materials and non-materials version (only fatpack) and can be purchased individually.

The Chesterfield Chair is a previous release from Magnificent. There’s also a three seat sofa, that’s not pictured here. Both have awesome HUD driven customization possibilities.

  • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit @ Cosmopolitan (through October 31)
    • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Clock
    • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Console Table
    • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Tree Rack
    • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Foto Tree
    • KOPFKINO – Tempus Fugit – Clutter Bowl
  • Loft & Aria – Grace Chandelier

Creep it Real

  • DC Watching Crow
  • Skye Temple Ruins

Farm Sweet Farm

DaD is at Uber (last days!) with the Farmhouse Fall Kitchen Decor set. The set consists of a beautiful wreath great for both interior or exterior decor. Two copper decorative molds to hang in your kitchen. One is baking molds and the other cookware. The last item in the set is an old kerosene stove with roasted chestnuts. Add warmth to your Fall kitchen with these beautifully crafted items. Buy them individually or in a fatpack.

The rest of the items in the picture are previously blogged items, find details below!

  • DaD “Farmhouse fall kitchen decor” @ Uber (through October 22)
    • DaD “Autumn wreath” c/m
    • DaD “Copper Baking Molds” c/m
    • DaD “Copper Cookware Molds” c/m
    • DaD “Old kerosene stove with roasted chestnut” c/m
  • DaD “Positano Farmhouse” c/m
  • Refuge – Gaya Set
    • Refuge – Gaya Table W
    • Refuge – Gaya Chair W
  • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair Gacha
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Hutch RARE white
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Breadbox
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Utensils tray
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Towel Rail
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Mortar and pestle
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Clock white
    • KOPFKINO – Farmhouse Flair – Picture
  • KOPFKINO – Bookworm – Scale
  • Apple Fall Rusted Flour Tin
  • Nutmeg. Cloth Plaid
  • Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
  • Nutmeg. Mug White

You Shook Me All Night Long

‘Cause the walls were shaking
The earth was quaking
My mind was aching
And we were making it and you
Shook me all night long

AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long

Sari-Sari is at Anthem this round with the Glam Rock Neon Lights set. Original mesh and textures, 1-2 LI, copy/mod. Includes flash neon light (with mirrored version), and lips neon light.

The bedroom is the Leatherized Bedroom Set by KOPFKINO, which you can find in the KOPFKINO mainstore. The set contains the bed (15 breathing-animated poses), night stand, chest, pouf, sneakers, lamp and frame. Available as full set or buy items individually.

Other items used:

  • Mithral * Jar Terrarium
  • Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts
  • Mithral * Purple Oxalis Triangularis
  • ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Clothing rack (male)
  • ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Headphones (decor)
  • Build: CONTRAST – Auckland Skybox


KOPFKINO is participating in this round of Cosmopolitan with the Amaryllis table. Available in three different colours or buy the fatpack and get a mix & match HUD.

Now I could do a close up of just the flowers on the table because that’s how beautiful it is but CHEZ MOI has the Rebecca Chaise out at Tres Chic and it just radiates the same type of vintage grace as the Amaryllis table so I definitely wanted to put them together in a post. The Rebecca Chaise comes in PG and Adult versions, is only 7 LI and Copy / Modify. 9 different textures to choose from in the accompanying texture changer HUD.


Let’s go back to school with KOPFKINO and the amazing School Days gacha set for the July Birthday round of Epiphany. I really mean it when I say it’s amazing, because not only do you get everything you need to create a classroom, the items are made with such good care and attention to detail and you got to love the animations found in both the teacher and student chairs! The rare price is a classroom skybox, which comes partially furnished with roller blinds, heating, blackboard, lamps and fire extinguisher! You can equip your avatar too, with either a teacher’s bag or a student’s bag, both come with holding animations.

I’m wearing the Josh outfit by [ hoorenbeek ]. This is a complete outfit, with slim fit jeans, sweater with shirt (for coat), duffle coat, suede Chelsea boots and tortoise Wayfarer sunglasses (boots and sunglasses not shown in this picture). The Josh outfit is compatible with Belleza Jake, Signature Gianni and Geralt, SLink male mesh bodies and Classic avatars.

  • KOPFKINO – School Days Gacha @ The Epiphany
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Classroom Skybox RARE
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Book Shelf
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Chair
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Teachers Clutter
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Table with chair on top
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Genius Frames
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Chair
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Sink
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Butterfly Poster
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Periodic Table
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Poster Set Wall Map
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Cute
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Leather
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Students Clutter Jeans
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Student Bag Camouflage EXCLUSIVE (Wear)
    • KOPFKINO – School Days – Clutter VIP

Summer is for Preppies

When I don’t know what to wear, I usually default to a preppy look. Unpretentiously preppy, that is and here’s a preppy summer outfit for you from Hoorenbeek; the Myles outfit is a classic men’s outfit with the blue shirt and off-white chino shorts, accompanied with the leather tab navy belt, the light brown Norfolk deck shoes, leather- and beaded bracelets and the tortoise Wayfarer sunglasses (not shown) – Look casual and formal but casual, yeh!

  • [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Myles
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker
  • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring -Silver- L & R

Morning Tranquility

DaD is participating in the July round of FaMESHed with the Positano Farmhouse and oh what a lovely house this is! The Positano Farmhouse is a cozy one level stone house with three rooms. It’s footprint is 22.5x 17.2, it has a land impact of 116 and permissions are Copy/Modify.

I’ve decorated the space with the Fancy Straw Set from DaD which is out at Summerfest ’20 for a couple more days! The set consists of the Floral Baggage, a collection of woven straw handbags filled with different floral arrangements and the Fancy Hats, a collection of the finest woven summer hats, you can hang these on any wall in your home! Permissions are Copy/Modify.

I fell in love with the KOPFKINO Garden Corner Gacha items the moment I saw them. For this scene I’ve used the Tub Seat, Succulent Table, Magazines, Amphoras and hanging Pottery. Permissions are Transferable.

The Watering Can Fountain is from HJM Designs, a wonderful and decorative fountain with beautiful flowers, animated water and butterflies. Touch the fountain for texture change menu. Permissions are Copy/Modify.

Better Off Without

It’s a good feeling, when you realize you’re better off without something, or someone. Even better when you manage to break free and not look back.

This is the Blum Sofa Set by KOPFKINO; a beautiful contemporary living room set. The Sofa includes 12 brand new KOPFKINO Bento animations. Sofa and Ottoman Table available in Leather (shown in my picture), Creme and Dark Grey, Floor Lamp in Black, Copper and Gold. Books, Wine and Cigarettes decor included in the set! Permissions are Copy / Modify.

  • KOPFKINO – Blum Sofa Set – Leather
    • KOPFKINO – Blum Sofa – 9 LI
    • KOPFKINO – Blum Ottoman Table – 2 LI
    • KOPFKINO – Blum Floor Lamp – 3 LI
    • KOPFKINO – Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes – 2 LI
  • Mithral * Living Wall Display
  • Mithral * Mounted String of Hearts
  • Mithral * Rhaphidophora Hayi

Oh Donut Even…

Dachshunds certainly have a disadvantage where reaching places is concerned but don’t for a moment think they can’t reach the food on the table because their motivation and persistence is strong!

I’m blogging several goodies in one picture today. Scroll down for the list with slurls!

I’m wearing the Jake outfit by Hoorenbeek, which is a complete outfit; Trucker Jacket, t-shirt, slim fit jeans, belt and boots! Sunglasses are also included but I’m not wearing them in this picture. You can find the pose I’m using at KOPFKINO, mirrored version included.

The patio furniture is the Bermuda Patio Set by CHEZ MOI. This is a new release available at Summerfest. Comes in PG and Adult versions. Texture changer HUD for seat cushions and pillows. Donut tray included!

The gorgeous and roomy fireplace terrace is from GOOSE and is now available at their mainstore!

I have decorated the terrace using the Tuesdays Wrought Iron Set which is available at this round of Cosmopolitan. Black and white versions available.

Yes, the puppies in the picture frame are my RL puppies.

  • Pose:
    • KOPFKINO – Male Squats Bento Pose Set – Aberrant (mirror) 1