For Your Pᴱlⁿeͪaͣsⁿuͨrͤeͩ

  • Crowded Room – Cyber Room – Space Backdrop (wall behind the neon signs are B.Tech Hexa-Sci-FiCleanv2)

Other stuff:

  • Not Found – Ren Hairbase (Lelutka)
  • ALT3 > Cybernetic Augment EvoX Applier + BOM
  • THIS IS WRONG AI Assistant shine+tattoo
  • ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Eyes
  • L’Emporio&PL::*Elements*::
  • AVEC TOI – Kai Pants

Well Organized

I believe in style, not fashion.

Ralph Lauren

This must be pixel heaven! I want to thank Dutchie with all my heart for creating not just a men’s closet but the Men’s Closet. It’s a complete walk-in closet for the gentlemen that are more into style than fashion as this baby comes packed with beautiful hand made clothing essentials that never go out of style.

Included are 10 different closets, 9 button-down shirts, 4 suits, 17 t-shirts, 8 sweaters, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 linen pants, and 4 sweatpants, as well as 12 pairs of shoes, storing boxes, suitcases, and more. There are extra boxes in this package with all the clothes and shoes separately for more decorative options. You can read more about it in Dutchie’s blog.

The versatile pouffe is by Krescendo for this round of The Epiphany. It comes in PG/Adult versions and an open decor only version. Texture change HUD contains all your favourite Krescendo textures and 6 different books so you can mix & match.

And when you have your classic walk-in closet, why not head on over to Hoorenbeek and make the image complete. They offer a multitude of outfits for the classic man and help you to NEVER go out of style. On Second Life at least.

Life is Always Now

The future never comes. Life is always now.

Eckhart Tolle
  • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Collection @ Shiny Shabby (through February 15)
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Chest
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Chest Tall (not shown)
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Ginger Jar
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Penny Farthing
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Books Stack
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Candle Lrg
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Candle Sml
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Dieffenbachia Plant
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Phoenix Palm
    • Soul2Soul. Cambridge Scindapsus Plant
    • Soul2Soul. Rope Light Dbl
    • Soul2Soul. Rope Light Sngl
  • ::KKs:: Love Dates @ The Liaison Collaborative (through February 10)
    • ::KKs:: Valentine Frame i<3u
    • ::KKs:: Valentine Frame i<3u more
    • ::KKs:: Valentine Frame birds
    • ::KKs:: The Love ladder (not shown)

Going Down in a Glaze of Glory

‘Nerd Glasses’ by milo is a new release at the Milo’s Bazar marketplace. You can find the Leon T-Shirt by BEORN at The Mens Dept, compatible with Jake (shown on me), Legacy and Gianni male mesh bodies. Fatpack texture change HUD with several print/color combinations.
The yummylicious unicorn pig donuts by Krescendo are available at The Food Court and you get holdable/wearable ones and a decorative tray! You donut want to miss it!

  • Nerd Glasses by milo
  • BEORN LEON T-SHIRT @ TMD (through January 30)

I’m So Glad I Fondue

  • AM. – Sebastian Beard // EVO X @ MEN ONLY (through December 15)
  • flow . Wool Jumper @ MEN ONLY (through December 15)
  • Sari-Sari – Chocolate Fondue @ Tannenbaum (through December 25)
    • Sari-Sari – Chocolate Fondue Pot
    • Sari-Sari – Chocolate Fondue Board
    • Sari-Sari – Chocolate Fondue Fork M and F *add*
  • Sari-Sari – Ceramic Star Lantern
  • Sari-Sari – Rustic Wooden Star
  • Granola. Darra Collection
    • Granola. Darra Rattan Cabinet Light Wood.
    • Granola. Darra Monstera Planter White.
    • Granola. Darra Succulent Planter Red.
    • Granola. Darra Succulent Planter Black.
  • Granola. Noelle Gift Trio. Festive.
  • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 @ Cosmopolitan (through December 11)
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – red gnome
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – crackers
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – gift
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – wishes branch
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – round box
    • ::KKs:: Advent Calendar 2021 – xmas frame
  • Barley – Save Santa Poster

May Your Coffee be Strong and Your Monday be Short

  • [Kres] Lush Lights – 12
  • [Kres] Undead Unicorn – Pastel
  • [Kres] Industrial Accents – Sofa
  • [Kres] Frank the Dog Butler – Black

Movie Night

The Magical Movie Marathon Set by Krescendo is absolutely magical! Krescendo sticks with their signature blue and purple theme for this set and let’s be honest, it totally works. In addition you get your moon and stars and zodiac patterned rug, blankets and pillows to add to the magical feeling of it all. The Magical Movie Marathon Set contains a blue leather couch that’s available in PG and Adult versions, rug, TV cabinet, TV (prop), plant, popcorn cauldron and candy bowl (I completely forgot to rez the candy…). All the animations in the sofa are bento, and the adult includes INM, Aeros and lovebridge integration. Please note no hud is included in this set, it comes in the shown colours only. The Magical Movie Marathon Set is available right now at The Epiphany.

Frank The Dog Butler is another new release by Krescendo which is available at this round of the MAN CAVE event. This handy little table comes in 8 colours and 6 patterns.

The Granola. La Luna Tray Dispenser is a new release for FLF, if you hurry you can still get it for only 50L! The tray dispenses cookies and drinks to you and your friends.

I’m super comfy for our movie night wearing the new Kiaz Sweatshirt from ERAUQS, along with the ERAUQS Nog Sweatpants which is a previous release. The Kiaz Sweatshirt is available right now at MAN CAVE and the fatpack gives you 15 different options; 9 prints and 6 solid colors. Compatible with Jake (shown on me), Gianni and Legacy male mesh bodies.



All Treats, No Tricks

I’m showcasing a couple new releases from Krescendo today and mmm they are full of delicious treats!

It’s time to snuggle under the stars with the new Campfire Set that’s out right now at FaMESHed X. It’s available with PG and Adult Bento animations and includes a Log with blankets, Stump (decor), Mallow Bowl (touch to get a Bento Mallow on a stick!) and a functional campfire.

The texture hud gives you multiple colour choices to mix and match including: 23 log / 23 fabrics / 6 bowl / 6 Mallow / 6 sticks / 5 campfire rocks options.

The adult version includes Physics cock & v, Aeros, LoveBridge and It’s Not Mine integration – including a cleaning menu after getting messy with It’s not Mine!

For Fetish Fair Krescendo has released the Kinky Candy Carrier Pack! All the treats and no tricks here with Krescendo Kinky Candy Carriers 😉 The pack includes 16 different colors, Bento holdable and decor versions.