Oh Deer! It’s Christmas!

It’s ok because we plan on sleigh-in it!

It is December 1st and those deer are absolutely slayin’ it compared to me. I love Christmas. Especially the food… but I’m never ready for Christmas; definitely not ready on December 1st but I’m never really ready on December 24th either. Christmas Eve morning is when you see me and thousands of other Norwegians make last minute store runs for that present we forgot or groceries we think we can’t but definitely can live without until stores reopen again on December 27. Ow, make that December 28 this year! We should maybe start stocking up right now!

MIIX Event round 8 just opened and they always have a lot of good deals so make sure to check that out! This round of the MIIX Event runs from November 30th through December 20th.

CHEZ MOI is participating at this round of Shiny Shabby with the Cottage Chair Set. This comfy Adirondack chair is perfect to enjoy chilly weather, hot drinks, and pleasant gatherings. The chair comes with 76 animations in PG Version and 144 animations in Adult Version. Texture change HUD for the wood, blanket and pillows. Touch the accent table to change its texture. Touch the Fall Delicious Tray to grab a treat – it dispenses ‘wearable’ and temp attach prop donut and a hot drink. No inventory clutter for you or your guests!

Since it’s winter and you might want to season change your land completely, the 2020 Snow roof add ons are ready for you over at the DaD mainstore!

  • Cottage Chair Set CHEZ MOI @ Shiny Shabby (through December 16)
    • Chair with Blanket: 5 LI
    • Chair: 2 LI
    • Accent Table: 1 LI
    • Fall Delicious: 1 LI
  • DaD “Positano Farmhouse”
    • DaD “Snow roof add on Positano Farmhouse” *NEW*
  • DaD “Positano Barn”
    • DaD “Snow roof add on Positano Barn” *NEW*
  • DaD “Les Memoires Christmas Tree”

Is Like Pretty Chill

More goodies from round 7 of the MIIX Event and a most awesome beard from Magnificent!

  • ~ xantes ~ Pallete Bed Idunn Set @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • ..::THOR::.. Moder Pirates Book
  • ..::THOR::.. Cameron Tobacco Tin
  • ~BAZAR~ Stockholm-Sneakers decor (male)
  • Sander is wearing:
    • [J U X B A U X] No Guidance HOMME @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • IMPACTS-Pants Jeans @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • [Cinnamon Cocaine] Caramel Shake – Left (add) @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
    • [MAGNIFICENT] DUCKY SKUNK – Stache & Beard
    • Dura-Game4-Hair
    • MINIMAL – Lovers Ring [JAKE] -Silver- L & R

Be Brave

Round 7 of the MIIX Event is well underway and among the goodies this round are the Insta 2.0 eyes from Gloom and the Raven tattoo by Resilience.

BONDI is at the November round of FaMESHed with The Samurai Set of Glasses, Septum and Earrings. The first in the new line of glasses by BONDI giving you 3 leg fit versions plus a hang version too for your shirt and also, new colors following the trend.

  • Gloom. – Insta 2.0 Collection @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • [RESILIENCE] Tattoo – Raven @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • BONDI . The Samurai Glasses @ FaMESHed (through November 27)
  • BONDI . The Samurai Septum @ FaMESHed (through November 27)
  • [MAGNIFICENT]  Hairbase – MidFade – Omega Applier
  • [MAGNIFICENT] Brows – Rick Shaved – Catwa & Omega Applier
  • !NFINITY Luca Choker

Shout a Little Bit Louder

Break through every door
And the stakes get higher
Hard evidence is power
Turn loose a war
Trade proof for the liar
We’ll shout a little bit louder

Tommee Profitt/Svrcina – Free

MIIX Event Round 7 has started and with help from Mahogany I’m able to showcase one of the new couple poses by Rose & Thorn Poses; ‘Acid Burn’ which you can find exclusively at the event. Cigarette and knife are included with the pose. The amazing backdrop is the ‘Japanese Apartment House backdrop’ by MAke a MArk! also available exclusively at MIIX for the duration of this round running from October 30th through November 20th.

The awesome car is the GT mk3. It’s the newest release by [amc] and it’s not only beautiful it’s a powerful machine too! Engine tuning, working dashboard, break discs glow after intense use, smoke and tire FX and a very satisfying amount of paintjobs to choose from! Check it out now in the [amc] showroom!

Both Mahogany and I are fighting for truth wearing attire by FashionNatic. Find all the details below!

  • M^2 * Japanese Apartment House back drop @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • Rose & Thorn Poses Acid Burn @ MIIX Event (through November 20)
  • Mahogany is wearing:
    • FashionNatic – Stefanie Hoodie & Leggings
    • Chain – Safari Hair
    • No Match – No Salvation Earrings
    • PKC – Kayleigh Choker
    • MINIMAL Lovers Rings
    • Normandy – Void Lips

Outside the Box

We’re mid-way through this round of MIIX and if you haven’t been over there yet you really should check it out, they have so many goodies on offer! I’m featuring Bloom! and CAD for the MIIX event, together with the awesome HumanoidPot from The Little Branch which is out at Shiny Shabby for a couple more days! Have a good one!

  • Bloom! – Hanging Bed Sammy Creme @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • CAD Abstract Wood Display @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • LB_PalmTree*HumanoidPot* @ Shiny Shabby (through October 15)
  • LB_RoyalPalmTree{Animated}
  • BUILD: Scarlet Creative Oceania Beach House

Meeting Point

At the MIIX Event Round 6 you can find the Waterfall Pavilion by MAke a MArk. This really is a gorgeous build; wood and concrete with a beautiful waterfall and amazing lighting. It uses 55LI out of the box and has a footprint of 29 x 29. Permissions are Copy / Modify.

If you find the greenery around the pavilion to your liking, I’m happy to let you know all the items are available at The Little Branch mainstore. Take a look at the list below!

  • M^2 * Waterfall shop @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • LB_CypressOak.v1{Animated}4Seasons
    • LB_CypressOak*Weed*Fall
  • LB_PinkFlowers3{Field}
  • LB_WildOakTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons
  • LB_OakShrubTree{Animated}*4Seasons
  • LB_Springweed_cluster
  • LB_CrispyGrass{Animated}*Seasons*Soft

No Pain No Gain

Welcoming the MIIX Event to my blog with this picture as we’re getting ready for MIIX Round Six! Now that rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! At this upcoming round opening on September 30th you can find, among other cool stuff, a new shape for LeLUTKA Skyler from Malibu Shapes, eyes from [amicale] and facial hair from Prolific!

No Pain No Gain is the title I chose for this post and yes it says so on the Muscle Top from Nero but also, I went all BoM for this picture. That’s a first for me. I’ve been saying all along that I’m not going BoM before I get a BoM update for my skin from Session but I might have to start looking around for a newer skin that’s at least close to ‘my look’. After going through the pains of training my stubborn brain how BoM works, I am totally ready to go all BoM, finally, because it’s easier than appliers and you can wear multiple BoM layers at the same time.

  • Malibu Shapes ::: Breno – Lelutka Skyler Evolution @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • [amicale] envase eyes – A02 *BOM* (medium) @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • [Prolific] Angel Beard @ MIIX Event (Sept 30 – Oct 20)
  • Nero – Muscle Top @ ACCESS (until October 8)
  • TAOX TATTOO – UNISEX – Sleeves Roses Of The Times
  • Stealthic – Psycho Hat & Hair
  • Cubura Walter Shorts
  • [Signature] Gianni Body
  • LeLUTKA.Head.Skyler.2.0